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ns remember once I met you, large city boy tiny town bluesThis town seems so small to me well ns was supplied to the blvdWhen I observed you I fell so difficult now I never want come leaveGirl I"m here foreverChorus:We got moon light, every nightLord ns pray ~ above the next star I check out tonight never shed this point we foundYour by my side, I deserve to do without the city lightsI fly so high when you"re about yeah mine feet don"t touch the groundThings I"ve excellent the places I"ve been just don"t compare to the love I"m inIts beats all I"ve ever seenIf youd"ve called me a couple of years back that I"d still be life in the place I"m atOh I"d to speak you"re life in a dream,Girl I"m right here forever(Chorus x 2)
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