The Stranger Things logo design is an official trademark of the world’s most well-known science fiction collection of the very same name, which converts as “Very strange Things” (another surname is “Mysterious Events”).

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Meaning and History

Evolution of the Stranger points Logo

The very first season that the series was introduced in 2016 on the idea the ​​the streaming service Netflix. The screenwriters were brothers Matt and also Ross Duffers. The plot is based on the life of a provincial city in the 80s the the twenty century.

The quiet, measured life of the occupants was excited by the mysterious disappearance of a 12-year-old guy, after ~ which miscellaneous mystical events started in the town. The local sheriff, investigating the boy’s disappearance, accidentally expose one strange an enig … Let’s not retell the plot further – the series can be perceived on the Internet, four seasons the the television collection have already been released. But the story that his logo is an extremely interesting.



The logo design for the an initial season that the science fiction series is based on a message phrase. Graphics room excluded since the focus is just on the title, emphasizing the strangeness the the events. Come convey the environment of phantom, horror, and style the the 80s that the last century, the directors opted because that the ITC Benguiat font. The words room arranged in 2 tiers: the upper one is “Stranger,” the lower one is “Things.” Moreover, the an initial part the the expression is highlighted by a double bar. The letters themselves room contour: hollow inside and also solid exterior circled the edges by a hard line. “S” and “R” space much bigger than the remainder of the characters.



The second season is an initial indicated by the equivalent number “2”. It was made fully painted and also placed behind the “translucent” surname of the series. The setting of mysticism is supported by a red fog enveloping the expression “Stranger Things.”



With the relax of the third season, a new emblem has actually appeared. To emphasize the ominous plot, the developers repainted the words in black, leave a red border. The number 3 is a gradient: crimson v dark edges. The writing layout is the same: ITC Benguiat serif font and uppercase emphasize the first and last letter in the word “Stranger.” Moreover, this year the present on the logo came to be solid.



The fourth season walk not lug drastic changes, yet now the figure has involved the fore, and also the surname of the collection serves together its background. The mysticism the what is keep going is emphasized in gray letters v a slim red border.

Font and Color that the Emblem


The creators of the series, the Duffers brothers, took part in the development of the logo, and the an innovative design agency Imaginary Forces, headed by arts director Jacob Boghosian, was additionally involved.

Since the plot the the film takes place in the 80s, Boghosian began to study the pop culture of those years, and the work-related of cult writers and also directors of the time – Stephen King, George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg, john Carpenter. He put together a repertoire of posters for your films, as well as covers because that music albums, books, heralding brochures, and also created 20 variations of the name of the series.

After a lengthy discussion, producers determined the ITC Benguiat font with changed contours. The was offered not only for posters but likewise in the series screensaver, and for title commercials.

The ITC Benguiat font was created in 1977 by the typographer Ed Benguiat based on the layout of composing letters in the modern-day style – really decorative, beautiful, readable, with original serifs font. In the very same year, he was patented and also given the name of the inventor, although he was versus it.

According to the representative of Netflix Michelle Dougherty, the is this font that conveys the environment of those days prefer no other, combine the architecture of functions by Stephen King, the adaptation of “Aliens” and popular society of the 80s.

The correction of the ITC Benguiat font was to change the initial letter “S” and also “T,” which space refined, yet have an extension on the left, and also the shape of the serifs is changed. Some other letters also made boy changes. Designers emerged a architecture for the design: a strip above the top word and also on the side, in totally free places under it.

Some experts thought about the style of the indigenous in the title rather extended and that it was better to do the words an ext compact, however the Netflix owners considered it very successful, and the question was closed.


The shade scheme readjusted for every season. At first, it was red letter on a white background, climate it turned black. In the last season, letter were removed, leaving just the outline, which do the inscription look favor neon indicators of shops and also hotels in the 80s.

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The Stranger points logo is one of the most striking instances of successful teamwork on design, when countless people’s ideas give one impeccable result, to which nothing requirements to be included or removed – whatever is in its place.