Streamlight and Surefire are two that the most renowned flashlight manufacturers. If both suppliers manufacturer high quality handheld lights, they room really well-known for their top of the line pistol mount lights.

Surefire and Streamlight both manufacturer lights that you deserve to rely on, specifically when her life depends on it. Through both companies production such high high quality lights, it deserve to be daunting to decide in between the two. In this Streamlight vs. Surefire article, we want to offer you an inside look into both companies and also some of the lights the they produce.

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Streamlight Flashlights


Founded end 40 years back in 1973, Streamlight has constantly been an American company. Streamlight got its start as a high quality flashlight manufacturer many thanks to a team of designers that operated with NASA ~ above a solar simulator task in Fairfield, NJ.

What these engineers were may be to carry out was create 25 million candlepower of light, which they then expanded upon come design and also manufacture a hand-held irradiate that had the capacity to create up come 1 million candlepower. This light to be then marketed to military and also law enforcement sectors. It to be from this task that Streamlight involved be and as a private investor moved this company from brand-new Jersey come Pennsylvania.

Streamlight’s that company offices, and also their service and also repair department are now located in Eagleville, PA fairly than King of Prussia, wherein they were an initial founded. Nevertheless of whereby they are located, Streamlight has always had the same purpose.

They design, develop, and also market precision-engineered lights for those who need it, including yet not restricted to military and law enforcement. Streamlight provides their customers the highest level of high quality in both the building and construction and an innovation used to manufacture your lights, every at a an excellent value for you.

Streamlight supplies a lot more than just simple handheld flashlights to your customers. Every one of their commodities focus on lighting, yet they come in countless different styles. In addition to your EDC flashlights, Streamlight supplies lanterns, headlamps, Stylus, keychain lights, point out lights, gun lights, batteries, and also so much more.

They have even started to offer a product heat of Streamlight Gear, which includes Streamlight apparel and branded merchandise.

What allows Streamlight to stand out in the industry is that they usage hands-on and real-world experiences to aid them come increase with new product designs ideas. These brand-new ideas enable them to set themselves personal from your competition.

Not just that, however Streamlight in reality talks and also listens to their customer through focus groups and customer feedback. They don’t just listen come what civilization like, they also listen to what people don’t favor to help determine if something needs to be boosted or a difficulty needs to it is in solved.

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SureFire Flashlight


SureFire’s story begins in 1969 and also involves one engineer called Dr. John Matthews that graduated native Cal Tech and also was very passionate about lasers. Dr. Matthews to be so passionate around lasers that he started the Newport coporation, group to address lasers in the commercial industry. End the next ten years, Newport Corporation took off and also became among the leaders in the laser field.

After 10 years, Dr. Matthews decided he want to integrate lasers and shooting, two of his passions. He wanted to number out if it was feasible to connect a laser come a firearm to usage as a sight. In 1979, that made his idea a reality and patented the an initial laser sight for guns.

As most first developments, the initial laser vision is large and bulky contrasted to today’s standards. Even ago then Dr. Matthews knew he needed to enhance the laser vision to stay in business, so he and also several members of the Newport technical staff purchase the laser portion of Newport Corporation.

Dr. Mathews resigned from Newport Corporation and also created his new company Laser Products, which would eventually come to be SureFire, LLC. Dr. Matthews dedicated all the his time and energy right into commercializing laser sights because that guns and was considerably rewarded in 1984 as soon as the Los Angeles Police Department’s SWAT team approached his agency to loaned laser sighted shotguns because that the Olympic Games.

In trying come accommodate law enforcement needs, Laser commodities came up with the idea of a weapon an installed flashlight and also that is just how the SureFire WeaponLight was an initial created.

Over the year Laser assets emerged together an industry leader; as soon as you heard the Surefire name, you knew girlfriend were obtaining quality and excellence, so the company decided to adjust the surname to match their products.

SureFire an initial entered the market with the main emphasis on weapon an installed flashlights, i beg your pardon we understand they excel at, but that is no all the they offer.

SureFire uses several various product lines that cover a wide range of products, consisting of headlamps, handhelds, muzzle brakes, knives, pens, suppressors, and also so lot more. They have also recently ventured right into the world of protective phone cases, therefore it will certainly be interesting to watch where the goes.

No issue what product you space looking at you deserve to rest assured that it has been experiment in the harshest conditions, therefore you can rely on it whenever you can need it.

Twitter Handle: SureFireLLCInstagram: surefire_llc

Top Streamlight vs. SureFire Flashlight Rivalries

Streamlight TLR 1 HL vs. SureFire X300 Ultra

Streamlight TLR 1 HL


The Streamlight TLR 1 Hl is only one model from a line of an excellent products. The TLR 1 HL is a weapon placed light that offers a rail grip clamp system that safely and securely attaches the irradiate without using any kind of tools or putting your hand in former of the muzzle. The TLR 1 Hl uses 800 lumens making use of C4 LED modern technology with a runtime that 1.75 hours. Do from machined aluminum v a black anodized finish and o-ring and gasket seals the TLR 1 HL is exceptionally durable and also is among Streamlight’s optimal pistol lights. Along with the TLR 1 HL Streamlight makes the HPL, the original TLR 1, the video game Spotter, and also the TLR 1 S.

Length: 3.39 inchesDiameter: 1.47 inchesWeight: 4.18 oz. Through batteriesLED: C4 LEDBatteries: Two 3 volt CR123 lithium batteriesHighest Lumen v Battery Life: 800 lumens because that 1.75 hoursBeam Distance: 245 metersDifferent Modes: constant On Strobe temporary On Waterproof Level: IPX-7Construction Material: Machined AluminumSpecial Features: Ambidextrous move Programmable Strobe vast Beam sample Fits existing light bearing holsters Available Accessories: remote switches lengthy gun kit Door switch Holster filters – red, green, blue, and infrared You Tube: 

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SureFire X300 Ultra

The SureFire X300 Ultra provides users with 600 lumens, i m sorry is nice bright in terms of a weapon light. Some human being worry that 600 lumens is as well much, however honestly through a weapon light, the brighter the much better as you need to be able to see what lies in front of you. Plus v the bright light, the human being you room pointing the light at no much longer has any kind of benefit over you as it entirely destroys their night vision. The TIR lens offers the irradiate a tighter an ext focused beam the works good to light up the distance also when outside. The T-slot mounting system offers a secure connection to both handguns and also long guns that come equipped v Picatinny rails. In addition to the Alpha and also Beta models the the SureFire X300 Ultra, there is additionally the X300 V.

Length: 3.60 inchesDiameter: 1.125 inchesWeight: 4.0 oz. Through batteriesLED: High power LEDBatteries: Two 3 volt CR123 lithium batteriesHighest Lumen with Battery Life: 600 lumens because that 1.5 hoursBeam Distance: 245 metersConstruction Material: Aerospace AluminumSpecial Features: Ambidextrous switch O-ring and gasket sealed complete Internal reflection (TIR) lens Available Accessories: XT ice switches DG fixed switches You Tube: 

Streamlight TLR-2 vs. Surefire X400 Ultra

Streamlight TLR 2


For those the you the are looking for a at sight bright pistol light complete with one aiming laser, the Streamlight TLR-2 is superb choice. At the 300 lumens the light offers a an extremely concentrated beam, but still offers plenty the peripheral illumination. Customers report that as soon as flashed from 100 feet away, the human on the blinding end of the irradiate experiences part disorientation. Illumination is never a problem with this pistol light. The TLR 2 comes v an aiming laser, and also a strobe mode. The strobe is quickly accessed by tapping the ambidextrous switch 2 times in fast succession, plus the switch provides a constant or short-lived on capacity for the irradiate itself. Similar to the TLR-1 the Streamlight TLR-2 come in differing models, including the HL, HL G, G, IR eye safe, and also the S. Each of these models uses users miscellaneous a small different enabling you to pick the ones the suits your requirements best.

Length: 3.39 inchesDiameter: 1.47 inchesWeight: 4.72 oz. With batteriesLED: C4 LEDBatteries: Two 3 volt CR123 lithium batteriesHighest Lumen v Battery Life: 300 lumens for 2.5 hoursDifferent Modes: consistent On Strobe short-term On Waterproof Level: IPX-4Construction Material: Machined aircraft AluminumSpecial Features: Ambidextrous Toggle move Adjustment screws placed in brass bushings three position mode selector move Aiming laser Available Accessories: far switches Mounting adapters Holster filters – red, green, blue, and also infrared YouTube: 
SureFire X400 Ultra


The SureFire X400 Ultra is one of the finest laser/light combinations accessible on the market today. Among the greatest functions that the X400 Ultra has to offer is the capacity to sell users the selection between four settings: white light illumination, white light and laser, laser only, and total disablement. The best component is these four settings are conveniently accessed via the switch located at the rear of the light. The 5 mW laser is basic to see when you are taking aim, add to Nylock screws host your setups in ar from the the strongest recoil. V 600 lumens of bright white irradiate nobody stand a chance, as soon as blinded the takes numerous minutes to restore your vision. If you are not a fan of red lasers girlfriend can additionally check out the SureFire X400 Ultra green Laser or the X400 Ultra V IRC.

Length: 3.6 inchesDiameter: 1.125 inchesWeight: 4.9 oz. Through batteriesLED: High power LEDBatteries: Two 3 volt CR123 lithium batteriesHighest Lumen v Battery Life: 600 lumens for 1.75 hoursDifferent Modes: continuous On Laser just Momentary on Construction Material: Aerospace AluminumSpecial Features: Ambidextrous move O-ring and also gasket sealed Disable alternative 5 mW red laser sight T-Lock mounting device Available Accessories: DG fixed switches XT07 tape switch

Streamlight ProTac HL vs. SureFire rage P2X 

Streamlight ProTac HL


If girlfriend are looking for a little and trustworthy light the you can carry with you almost everywhere you go, the Streamlight pro Tac HL is the ideal an option for you. The flashlight is additionally bright sufficient to not only light increase the room, but additionally to deter any type of potential attacker. Through this irradiate the user has the an option between three different light levels, as well as three different modes. The agree Tac HL supplies Ten-Tap Programming to select between high/strobe/low mode, high only, and low/high. The programs, and the brightness levels, space all accessed via the push button tail lid switch that can conveniently be operated through one hand. Making use of the light for an ext than 10 minutes will reason the irradiate to warmth up, however it will certainly never obtain hot enough to cause any kind of burns. Like other Streamlight lamp the agree Tac HL has actually several different versions, including the HL 3, HL USB, and also Pink. Every version supplies something a tiny different, therefore be certain to inspect them the end to view if they room what you room looking for.

Length: 5.40 inchesDiameter: 1.375 inchesWeight: 5.6 oz. Through batteriesLED: C4 LEDBatteries: Two 3 volt CR123A lithium batteriesHighest Lumen with Battery Life: 750 lumens because that 1.25 hoursBeam Distance: 270 metersLowest Lumens through Battery Life: 35 lumens because that 18 hoursDifferent Brightness Levels: High short Different Modes: temporary Strobe change Intensity Waterproof Level: IPX-7Construction Material: aircraft AluminumSpecial Features: Ten-Tap Programming 3 calculation levels: high/low/strobe LED heavy State strength Regulation Anti-Roll challenge cap Push switch Tail move Available Accessories: Removable bag clip Holster Tactical holster YouTube: 

For those of girlfriend that desire a small, yet extremely bright irradiate to bring with you the SureFire rage P2X is terrific choice, plus girlfriend have different versions to select from so girlfriend can discover the one that is ideal suited because that you. The rage p2X uses users a high-performance LED that cabin emit one of two people 35 or 600 lumens of focused light, perfect for a selection of situations. The irradiate is relatively easy come use, customers simply have to press or click the tactical tail cap switch. One problem with tailcap switches is they tend to revolve themselves on once being transported, but the fury P2X functions a lock out alternative that enables you to deliver or store the irradiate without it accidentally transforming on. What users gain the most is the IntelliBeam Mode, which provides a sensor to advice the surroundings and also adjusts the calculation of the light accordingly.

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Length: 5.80 inchesDiameter: 1.37 inchesWeight: 6.2 oz. Through batteriesLED: High performance LEDBatteries: Two 3 volt CR123 lithium batteriesHighest Lumen with Battery Life: 600 lumens for 1.5 hoursLowest Lumens through Battery Life: 15 lumens because that 46 hoursDifferent Brightness Levels: High short Different Modes: Max calculation Low Tactical mode Construction Material: Aerospace AluminumSpecial Features: LED Emitter Auto-Adjust IntelliBeam an innovation Lockout YouTube:

Streamlight vs. SureFire Flashlight Conclusion

We hope the you found the write-up to it is in informative. Majority of our articles focus ~ above the best lights because that the present year, but this one only briefly talks around lights. The main focus of this article is come highlight 2 of the height flashlight manufacturers in the industry and what they have to offer you as a company.

We hope by teaching you an ext about the manufacturers you deserve to learn much more about the brand we space reviewing. While this short article wasn’t heavy on flashlights, you can discover these exact same lights mentioned in few of our finest of Articles, if you desire to learn an ext about them. 

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