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Huge news broke this afternoon as the UFC’s parental company, Zuffa, purchase the world’s second biggest MMA company, Strikeforce.

Dana White shown the news with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani. The greatest MMA story that the year has actually a lot of of effects on the future of mixed martial arts and also could have actually a particularly large impact ~ above the currently an extremely competitive heavyweight division.Dana White insisted that it will certainly be “business as usual” because that Strikeforce and the UFC, including that the fighters who are currently in Strikeforce will not come to be “UFC” fighters.Scott Coker will continue to be on board and also continue to operation Strikeforce as if it to be its own, different entity. White made sure to drive residence the reality that Coker will be the man in fee of to run the mirrors on Showtime, taking care of co-promoters favor M-1 Global, and talent-shares with K-1. That course, Zuffa has experience running two promotions at as soon as as they had actually been act so through the UFC and also WEC since 2006 before merging the 2 promotions together we moved right into 2011. Back Dana White have the right to be controversial at times, we do need to take him at challenge value in ~ this point when that asserts that Strikeforce will proceed to duty as its very own organization. There yes, really isn’t any reason to shut under Strikeforce or even slow down their expansion. However one needs to wonder if this deal will influence the irreversible outlook because that the MMA world, particularly the heavyweight division. No one concerns that the UFC restrict the talent pool at nearly every load class, regularly ranking eight or an ext of your fighters in ~ the world’s optimal 10. However Strikeforce has put with each other a heavyweight division that actually can make a claim that it truly contends v the UFC’s. Dana added that complimentary agent fighters will authorize contracts v either Strikeforce or the UFC—not both. This leader to the evident assumption that the peak fighters will be propelled toward the UFC when Strikeforce is left to pick from the staying scraps. “We need much more fighters,” Dana White said as soon as asked why the decision to be made to obtain Strikeforce. “We need to put on more fights.”That comment alone need to tell united state that Zuffa made this move, at least partially, in an initiative to gain Strikeforce’s heavyweight division. Strikeforce’s heavyweight division is yes, really the just one in i m sorry they completed with the UFC, top-to-bottom.There is talent at other divisions but Dana White and the Fertitta brothers room smart enough businessmen to know that placing on the “dream fights” within the heavyweight department is what fans have actually been asking for.Who doesn’t want to see the heavyweight championship showdown in between Alistair Overeem and Cain Velasquez? Or the long-awaited bout between Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko? Or a “Goliath versus Goliath” fight special Brock Lesnar and also Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva?At the end of the day, this relocate was make in an initiative to make an ext money. The best way to make an ext money is to placed on the big-name, dream fights that fans will certainly buy pay every views to see. According to Dana White, we won’t view these fights until the Strikeforce fighters’ contracts room up. If this is true, though, look because that the UFC to instantly sign the best Strikeforce fighters to new contracts when their existing ones run out. It will certainly be very surprising if any of the big-name fighters decide to stick approximately with Strikeforce. Prefer it or not, this is a smart organization move for the UFC and also it will certainly have significant ramifications top top the entire sport.

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It remains to be seen just how things will certainly play out, yet we have taken a large step towards seeing some of the heavyweight showdowns we have been begging for.

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