One the the world"s very first the the world"s most well known memes... Is walk up for sale as an NFT!


Ten years ago, on might 25th, 2011, YouTuber MrDeshawnRaw, post a video clip titled "The Rap battle ,” the an initial installment the a popular series of satirical Youtube videos, parodying battle rap. The collection consists of a rapper named Supa hot Fire battling many rappers, i beg your pardon has contained special guests: Soulja Boy, chris Rock, Mute Spitta,Timothy DeLaGhetto, Hopsin and also more.

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The Rap battle Parody video clip gained over 62 Million views in much less than two years before being deleted in 2013. The has because gone on to garner an ext than 2 exchange rate views through re-uploads as web users took an innovative license making use of the original video clip and also sound recordings come dish out screengrabs or GIFs come express themselves.

For those unfamiliar, much of the feeling in the meme is obtained from the spectators’ exaggerated reaction in donate one rapper over another, i beg your pardon is reasonably common in lab battles whereby home benefit applies. The an outcome was a trendsetter, leader, and also visionary for memes to follow.

Gifstory: The climb Of Supa hot Fire
You recognize the gif. We promise. Here’s whereby it came from.

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A one-of-a-kind NFT featuring Supa warm Fire vs B- Bone: the most renowned scene in the series where two "rappers " battle among a crowd. The orgasm peaks v Supa warm Fire handing his rival B-Bone a piece of paper, prior to slapping it the end of B-Bones hand and also saying "I damaged up v my ex-girl. Here"s her number."


As people roughly him cheer, Supa hot Fire casually transforms to the camera, when his girlfriend clutches his challenge in exaggeration shock. The couple of seconds of reaction has become one the the world"s most famed memes, with the internet adopting this famous clip/sound recording as a dramatic reaction - coming to be a way of speak "OHHH, OMG, obtained YOUU."

Fans dropped in love through the video, the concept, and also the in its entirety energy offered by the crowd and the witty contents that Supa warm Fire provided. The video, now over a te old, still remains an iconic piece of net meme history. YouTuber WavyWebSurf said in a 2020 video, “The reaction is one of the greatest GIFs of all time that people still re-publishing today.”

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