Super Mario Run is about an ext than running. Occasionally you need to slow down and also take a break. Also, Bowser sort of damaged everything and no one has all over to live. So let’s talk about rebuilding the kingdom.

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How perform I purchase things?



You buy objects and also buildings in the shop making use of the coins you collect in civilization Tour levels and also Toad Rally races. The shop is the button on the appropriate of the Kingdom Builder menu. It’s helpfully labeling "shop."

What species of things deserve to I buy?

Items in the store room sorted into three categories: decorations, buildings and special.




Decorations are, well, decorative. Castle fun things you have the right to scatter approximately to make her kingdom look at nice. Decorate items are greatly landscaping.



Buildings are likewise decorative, but not landscaping. You can build things like color-coordinated homes for her toad fans, and also you can erect come your very own glory.


Special items room where things get interesting. Bonus dwellings let friend play extra level to earn some extra cash and rally tickets (once every eight hours). The miscellaneous pipes likewise unlock bonus levels. Luigi, Yoshi and also Toadette’s residences unlock those characters for you.

Why can’t ns buy some things?
Some objects and also buildings room only easily accessible after you’ve met specific conditions — usually how plenty of colored toads you have actually in her kingdom.

You have the right to see the demands (and which demands you’ve currently met) listed below the object’s summary in the store. If girlfriend haven’t met the requirements, there will be a red lock icon overlaid on the picture of the object.

How carry out I get those not-red toads I need to buy this thing?

The shade of the toads that end up being your fans (and then move to your kingdom) during Toad Rallies rely on which level she competing. Friend can inspect the expected crowd that a gyeongju by looking alongside your opponent’s Mii or ~ above the screen before you begin the race.

You unlock extr levels by perfect them in world Tour mode, therefore if you don’t see the color of toad that you desire to move into your neighborhood, you probably haven’t completed human being Tour mode yet. Execute that.

I fully forgot the tutorial. How do I ar things again?
After you acquisition something, you’ll be triggered to ar it. If friend didn’t place it when you bought the or you gained something together a gift (like girlfriend did after girlfriend purchased the full game), select Place indigenous the Kingdom Builder menu.

Scroll v your perform — it’s damaged down just like the store — and also then tap top top the yellow registration marks.

I put a thing in the wrong place or ns don’t want to check out it any kind of more.
You have actually two alternatives here. If you simply want something to be somewhere else, tap move from the key Kingdom Builder menu and then choose a new location for it (helpfully highlighted with yellow it is registered marks. It’s just that simple).

If friend decide the the red hill no much longer really ties the kingdom together, tap placed Away instead. This lets you (and us hope you’re acquisition notes) placed things away. The things you deserve to can placed away have actually those yellow it is registered marks. Tap what you desire to acquire rid of, and also it’ll obtain put away into your inventory. You deserve to place it somewhere else later.

So, what in reality matters?
Bonus houses. Bonus residences are a method to get a chance at rally tickets, and also they don’t call for you to collect challenge coins.

If you’re into playing as other characters — speak you’re a younger sibling and also therefore no comfortable uneven you’re playing as Luigi — the character residences are what she looking for.

I’m out of room to construct things. Just how do I expand my kingdom?
Pretty at an early stage in the rebuilding process, you’re walk to run out of locations to put things. This is whereby rainbow bridges come in.

You have the right to purchase rainbow bridges native the special section of the Kingdom Builder shop. Each one you get requires much more toads come unlock — because that example, 20 toads the each shade for the first. Friend don’t have actually a an option of whereby to place a rainbow bridge, however they increase your kingdom to second screen. Swiping on your kingdom moves you come these brand-new areas.

How carry out I remove those thwomps?
Like Carl from two doors down that leaves his Christmas lamp up until July, thwomps make destructive neighbors. They take up beneficial real estate and also are type of an eyesore. Luckily, yes a solution. And, choose with most things in life, that solution is a hammer.

Completing all levels in a people earns girlfriend 10 Toad Rally tickets and also a couple of hammers. In the Kingdom Builder menu, friend can pick these hammers, then tap ~ above a thwomp to eliminate it.

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Your best Super Mario run questions, answered

Super Mario Run is here, and also it"s going to take end the people for a little while. In this guide, we"ll teach friend all around Nintendo"s biggest foray into mobile gaming.