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Super Mario War?
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I was searching for a super Mario human being Rom once I found one more one called: "Super Mario War". Ns downloaded it because I was curious. I played it on ZSNES and the very first thing I obtained was the SMW title logo. U believed "Just another Rom hack". Yet then, cartridge holes shot the nintendo logo. This was no continual SMW rom hack, if the is aa SMW rom hack! After that I obtained tiny logo that relocated toward the display screen reading "Super Mario War". Then i was pretty sure that this was custom. However then, the ROM froze top top me. Can anyone tell me what this game is. Oh and also I don"t have it anymore.
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Well, that seems to be a pretty interesting find.Super Mario war is a Mario fan video game for the computer, but I have not heard of a SNES port yet.Maybe that is something entirely various tough...Or possibly it is, I"ve checked out an NES variation of that game too what on Youtube. It can be possible. Room you certain you don"t have actually it anymore?

OH I discovered IT AGAIN:http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=super+mario+war+rom&fp=hW_iG4xv4cUChoose the choice labled:"Download - SNES ROMs - super Mario war HOL"Thats it. Thats the weird rom.
INTRESTING that seems really wierd.i dunno if i download the it could be a rubbish of time if the freezes. I have no idea what this rom, or game is :Ssome one might have hacked it utilizing a hex editor. Thats all i have the right to think the
--------------------Oh...that was supposed to it is in a joke?
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I looked increase "Super Buster Bros" and even though i couldn"t gain the video game to work-related (The at sight Mario battle One), those "floppy disks" might be grenades. Floppy disks don"t yes, really play a huge role in war.
I played (Super Mario War) ~ above ZSNES and also the first thing I obtained was the SMW location logo. U thought "Just an additional Rom hack". Yet then, bullet holes shoot the nintendo logo. This was no consistent SMW rom hack, if the is aa SMW rom hack! After that I obtained tiny logo design that moved toward the screen reading "Super Mario War".... But then, the ROM froze top top me.
I fetched super Mario war from the Non-Commercial ROMs ar of The Mushroom Kingdom. This is a headered ROM photo of 393728 bytes through these hashes:
CodeSHA1 (SuperMarioWar.SMC) = b08fdc6c4e8442f6f90ddd4130a71902c6bdc02bRMD160 (SuperMarioWar.SMC) = 4e4c329ec50187289c33388063fd26a3a9f68c48
I played the image using snes9x-gtk 1.51-71. Ns passed the bullet-hole logo. The title display screen froze not, so ns pressed Start. Then ns played the video game from level 1-1 and closed the emulator throughout level 1-4. The controls it seems ~ to it is in Left and also Right to move Mario and B come shoot a Bullet invoice upward. A line of SNES cartridges moves around and can death Mario. If Mario shooting the prior of the snake, then the snake splits into two snakes and might drop a powerup. The level ends once Mario defeats the snake.Super Mario war looks so horrible that I will not post any type of screenshots.Super Mario battle is not a hack of supervisor Mario World. In the the SNES header, supervisor Mario war does no have any kind of of the interrupt handlers from Super Mario World.
CodeSuperMarioWar.SMC: SMC header: correctly SNES header: balance out 0x81c0, score: 4/9 name: "SUPER MARIO WAR" (15 bytes) status: 0x00 (slow LoROM) cartridge type: 0x00 (only ROM) ROM size: 0x09 (512 kilobytes) ram size: 0x00 (zero) country: 0x07 (PAL) licensee: 0x00 (invalid) version: 0x00 complement/checksum: 0x0000/0x0000 interrupt handlers (native mode): COP BRK ABORT NMI UNUSED IRQ 0x0000 0x0000 0x0000 0x0000 ------ 0x0000 interrupt handlers (emulation mode): COP UNUSED ABORT NMI RESET IRQBRK 0x0000 ------ 0x0000 0x0000 0x8000 0x0000
Super Mario War supplies the same design as Tic-Tac-Toe (SNES), by having actually a reset handler however no interrupt handlers. Many SNES programs usage the NMI interrupt handler to examine for upright blank. Tic-Tac-Toe and Super Mario War use hardware it is registered $4200 come disable the NMI and also IRQ interrupts. Then Tic-Tac-Toe provides hardware register $4210 to examine for vertical blank. Super Mario War offers hardware register $4212 to check for vertical blank. Utilizing the virtual 65816 disassembler,
Code00:8709 advertisement 12 42 LDA $421200:870C 29 80 and also #$8000:870E D0 F9 BNE $870900:8710 advertisement 12 42 LDA $421200:8713 29 80 and #$8000:8715 F0 F9 BEQ $8710
This assembly code, in super Mario War, waits for vertical empty to finish (when bit $80 of register $4212 is clear), climate waits because that vertical empty to start again (when little bit $80 of register $4212 is set).

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Don"t play it! i tried it the end 3 months ago and it has actually the F indigenous in the an initial level.--------------------
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0_0 wow, looks favor this video game is a pretty bad rip turn off of another SNES game. Well, many thanks for pointing the out.