Every Superman display Ranked, according To IMDb Superman has actually been featured on a many television shows. Below is every show, ranked by your IMDb score.

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Superman transcends the principle of an icon. Being the superhero, that is the foundation that later laid the groundwork of DC universe and comics together fans recognize it. As a result, there has actually been a plethora the Superman merchandise and also films. Yet one element of media special the man of steel that has actually been remembered most fondly aside from the Christopher Reeve films were his many tv shows. Every of which has actually their very own interpretation of the character. Because of this here is every tv show that Superman has remained in ranked on IMDb, according to fans" reception.

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This will only emphasis on the Superman lore or reflects that have Superman as a significant character, which way we will not include guest appearances like in The Batman. Also, there will be no need for 1-hour specials together they tie into the mirrors anyway.

among the spin-off mirrors of Superman, Krypto The Superdog is a present that tells the story of the titular character, v not a lot lot else going for it. Nevertheless, if fans want to watch a present with a cute dog, this is for them.

The Adventures of Superboy is a collection of six-minute shorts that information the life of teenager Clark Kent. Allies from his time in Smallville are present here such as Lana Lang and also the Kents. These episodes were often paired with The brand-new Adventures of Superman show.

A live-action Superboy show, the Superboy show thorough the life of Clark Kent as a young teenager comparable to the previous display on this list.

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This time, however, over there were changes to points that occurred with the show making it different from the comics. The present was also riddled with creative changes transparent its run, favor the adjust of the actor illustrating the main character.

13 Supergirl - 6.3

Supergirl is the CW show that has the titular character together the main focus, unlike various other shows. Although Superman didn"t have actually too lot of a presence until season 2, a vast selection of the Superman lore exists in the display due to the key character being related to Superman and likewise coming indigenous Krypton.

What"s more, that isn"t dreary choose the Man of Steel films and maintains an optimistic feel.

This to be a romantic Superman show and was exceptionally popular throughout the "90s. Being a loose adaptation the the john Byrne operation of post-crisis Superman, it focuses on the relationship in between Lois Lane and Superman as it is done in a romantic drama choose fashion.

11 Krypton - 6.9

A very unique tale, Krypton is basically the story that takes place years before Kal-El"s ship landed on planet Earth.

Krypton is set 200 year in the past and also follows Kal-El"s grandfather Seg-El who needs to fight when again for his family"s honor and save his planet. With just two seasons, it would be an amazing watch nonetheless.

The Legion of Superheroes is an underrated Superman show. Taking place during young Clark Kent"s years as Superboy, the character gets transported by the Legion the Superheroes much into the future.

If fans favor a younger Superman that interacts through his legacy, this is the show for them.

9 Superman (1988) - 7.1

taking place throughout the character"s 50th anniversary, created by Ruby-Spears Enterprises, the is the an initial Superman animated show following the occasions of man Byrne"s reboot.

As such, countless things native the comic were included into the show. What"s more, comic writer Marv Wolfman was responsible for story edits when Gil Kane detailed the personality designs.

Super Friends is for sure infamous. On optimal of being among the many recognizable execution of Superman in all of media, that is what a many of civilization remember. Include a ludicrous 9 seasons, it would be difficult to rank every one of them as they really come from this one show.

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Somehow it gained a 7.3 rating top top IMDb. However regardless, if fans really want a display that"s exceptionally campy and wonder wherein a many the Aquaman mim come from, this is the show for them.

7 The brand-new Adventures of Superman (1966) - 7.4

A Superman display that took place during the 1960s, this was a Superman throughout the Silver period of comics. Arisen by Filmation, these reflects were basically a bunch that six-minute shorts that tell the tale of the titular character.

With a full of 68 episodes and also 4 seasons, that is frequently paired through shorts from various other superheroes and The Adventures the Superboy.

similar to the Supermen before him prefer George Reeves and also Christopher Reeve, Tom Welling"s Superman characterized a generation.

Smallville follows the character from teenager come Superman, it to be riveting because that those that complied with his journey. It to be so an excellent that he eventually made one appearance during CW"s Crisis On limitless Earth.

5 Adventures that Superman (1952) - 7.7

before the legend Christopher Reeve took over the reins that the male of Steel, it was played through George Reeves ~ above Adventures the Superman. Although the character didn"t have a varied moveset that is seen in the later versions that Superman, his presence and also genuine laugh made him among the greats. The is an absolutely worthy watch for any kind of Superman fan.

Justice league Action was one of the latest TV mirrors that starred the man of Steel. Showcasing the adventures that the main trinity along with other personalities within the team, this reasonably fun present with 52 episodes total of action-packed adventures. It is certainly a present that pan shouldn"t miss out on.

3 Superman: The Animated series - 8.1

Superman: The man Series was an additional prominent present that became a the majority of peoples, favourite Superman. Basically the version that appears in a variety of DCAU shows, this Superman was heavily inspired by john Byrne"s interpretation from the power set to the characters. T

his is the Superman that is ultimately seen in the Justice League shows.

The display that defined a generation for plenty of people, over there are many reasons why the Justice organization is so memorable because that a most people. A good reason because that it is that it is the first time because Superfriends wherein all the personalities were together.

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What"s more, the characters and also the development behind lock were good enough to ultimately spawn a sequel.

1 justice League limitless - 8.7

This is quickly the finest show featuring Superman. Although it is primarily concentrated on most of the Justice league members consisting of Superman, over there are plenty of episodes that show the absolute finest of what every character in the DC cosmos is capable of.

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The finest is through far during the final episodes, as Superman and also Darkseid"s rivalry is required to its pure limits. Bringing around one that the greatest Superman moment of every time. Also if it"s not for Superman, the display is just too good to happen up.

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