13) ESSs space designed to incorporate data about external events, yet they likewise draw summarized details from interior MIS and also DSS.

You are watching: Supply chain management systems are more externally oriented than enterprise systems.

14) ESSs space designed primarily to solve specific problems.

15) information supplied by one enterprise system is structured roughly cross-functional business processes.

16) supply chain monitoring systems are an ext externally oriented 보다 enterprise systems.

17) A business is a official or informal organization created to market services or products.

18) enterprise systems carry out not make use of order transaction data.

19) Teams are formal company groups the are created to attain a particular task.

20) A business procedure is a solitary step taken in a collection of logically related tasks that achieve a sp

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shashikant kanswered on November 19, 2020
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11) Decision-support systems regularly use details from exterior sources.


The DSS device use the information from external resource also

12) ESSs are designed to serve the middle administration of the organization.


The ESS space designed for middle level management 

13) ESSs space designed to incorporate data about external events, yet they likewise draw summarized...
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