The surface Go series is the most affordable Windows tablet computer offering from Microsoft. It’s fit for customers searching for a smaller sized version the the surface Pro that they can bring around and also have the alternative of connecting the Surface form Cover key-board for productive tasks.

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The surface Go features a 10-inch display and is powered by the Intel Pentium yellow 4415Y paired with up come 8GB the RAM and also the option of 64GB eMMC or a 128GB SSD. The surface ar Go 2, on the other hand, provides a larger 10.5-inch display screen with the choice of one of two people the Intel Pentium gold 4425Y processor or the Intel core m3-8100Y. It have the right to be configured v either 4GB or 8GB RAM and also up come 128GB that SSD (256GB if you are a company user).

Today we’re taking a look at the finest cases for the surface Go. Notably, both the models share the same dimensions as soon as it concerns the chassis, essentially permitting you to use the same situation on either tablet. Here are some of the best ones you should consider:


Rugged protection The instance comes with a premium soft TPU and solid polycarbonate finish for protection versus bumps and drops. It also offers a built-in hand strap because that ease that carrying in addition to a surface ar Pen holder. Buy native Amazon

Solid bumper security The situation comes through a distinct marble finish at the ago and solid TPU finish giving all-round protection. It additionally offers accessibility to the device"s integrated kickstand and the agency claims the the casing is scratch-resistant that will certainly not fade or discolor end time. Buy indigenous Amazon



Premium folio-style situation The Spigen was standing Folio fits both the surface Go 2 and Surface Go through the Surface form keyboard. The folio-style case permits you to neatly fold and also protect your surface Go together a slot for the surface Pen and a large pocket at the earlier to stow cables. Buy from Amazon

All-round rough protection one of the many unique situations for the surface Go series that offers all-round military grade defense for the main tablet as well together the Surface form keyboard. It likewise comes v its own integrated kickstand and a slot to save the surface Pen. Buy from Amazon

Lightweight design, strong protection UAG is recognized for making terrific cases and also the Metropolis instance for the surface Go functions a lightweight design that supplies military-grade protection. The comes through an aluminum kickstand and makes provision for attaching the Surface form Cover keyboard. Buy from Amazon
Hard-shell protection case A hard hard-shell case for the surface Go, the Unicorn Beetle pro is made the end of polycarbonate and also shock-absorbing TPU and also comes with a built-in kickstand. The raised bezels offer security for the display and also the camera in ~ the ago while a specialized Surface Pen holder guarantee you don"t lose the stylus. Buy indigenous Amazon


Affordable folio case This folio-style instance protects your surface Go and type Cover keyboard and also accommodates space for the kickstand so girlfriend can change the tablet at various angles. The case additionally comes in a variety of color alternatives and features a faux leather finish. Buy native Amazon
Strong military-grade security The Kensington Blackbelt case offers military-grade defense with its strong rugged body design that meets the MIL-STD-810G experimentation protocols. It also offers room at the bottom for rapid attaching and also detaching of the keyboard, and it doesn"t sacrifice on the tablet"s built-in kickstand. Buy native Amazon
Slim folio situation An inexpensive, slim folio-style sheathe to defend the surface Go. It"s one of the slimmest instance solutions because that the surface Go collection and is obtainable in a variety of color and pattern options. Buy from Amazon

These are few of the best cases for the surface Go and Surface walk 2. Ours pick would be the Targus SafePort rugged instance as it brings protection for your surface Go tablet as well as the Surface kind Cover keyboard. It likewise comes with its own kickstand that supplies a comparable experience come the one ~ above the tablet.

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