In addition to its giant and active community, among the most striking aspects of Reddit is its characteristics design. Some civilization might take into consideration it minimalist and others somewhat outdated. Now, after ~ a te in operation, Reddit verified the platform’s brand-new design.

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Through this publishing in the announcements subreddit, Reddit’s architecture team presented the three means in i m sorry we can see the website. Act this, they offer three various designs to reap the content, other that us can currently do in the key third-party clients.

Card view

“Card view”, as its surname suggests, places each Reddit publication on an individual card. We deserve to see part of the info in the post without having actually to click anything. This architecture is storage of Twitter and also Facebook.

Classic view

The “compact” view (the one that shows up in the highlighted picture of this article) is designed to move in between publications quickly and the “classic” option is the closest to the Reddit we currently know. The first two are much an ext colorful than the latter.

Many the the Reddit customers don’t favor the new site theme. Together I’m likewise one that the human being that didn’t favor Reddit’s new website theme, I’ll present you how ns switched to the old Reddit theme. Without giving you further ado lets see just how to get old reddit layout.

Here’s exactly how to Switch earlier to Old Reddit theme

Do You dislike the new Reddit Theme? below is exactly how to move to old Reddit! there are several methods accessible for get ago TO OLD REDDIT theme and also switch to new one in the future if girlfriend wish.

Method #1

Steps come follow because that go back to the old Reddit layout:

1.) At an initial Open, At really top the the page you will discovered the small an alert says “You’re the town hall the brand-new Reddit. Friend can always visit Old Reddit

2.) There click on “visit Old Reddit“, this will get ago you to old reddit site.

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