The strength Engine Deuce deluxe is a pumped up version of the former Power Engine 60 Series, which to be introduced earlier in 2001. Our original principle for a FRFR speak cabinet specifically designed for stringed instruments developed from an overwhelming quantity of inquiries as to which amp would be best to use v a SansAmp.

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This brand-new design offers more wattage, an ext controls and can be supplied for both guitar and bass. The strength Engine Deuce luxurious is a powerful, lightweight equipment for amplifying any direct recording maker or pre-amp –analog or digital, pipe or solid state– from any type of manufacturer. You can take your Fly Rig/SansAmp or preamp gizmo du jour, through all those great direct sound you’ve spent so much time creating, the end to a gig and simply plug right into the strength Engine Deuce Deluxe. You’ll obtain all your personal settings with volume and without any coloration that the tone. So there’s no need to labor over readjusting all her parameters that would certainly otherwise be colored by a standard amp.



The tech 21 EX112 extension speaker room is great complement because that the power Engine Deuce Deluxe and VT Bass 200 combo amp. It’s accessible with a an option of grilles, either black to enhance the strength Engine or blue to enhance the the VT Bass 200.

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EX112 functions include:• 8 Ohms / 100 watts handling• 12” custom-design speaker• Tweeter with defeat switch• rear vented• 1/4-inch connector* Dimensions: 17.75”w x 18.25”h x 14”d• Weight: 24.75 lbs.

The power ENGINE DEUCE deluxe incorporates a feature collection compatible through both guitar and bass:

• Handsome 1×12 rear-ported cabinet

• capable of transferring 200 watt of transparent power

• Convenient, on-board 3-band, energetic EQ controls come compensate for daunting venues

• short Pass and also High happen Filters provide expanded flexibility for use with a variety of instruments with various attributes: electrical guitar and also bass, as well as acoustic guitar and full variety instruments such as keyboards

• High impedance 1megOhm entry for instruments and/or processors

• XLR input and also XLR output v selectable levels

• Defeatable tweeter

• extension speaker output

• Studio-grade 1/4-inch Headphone output

• Studio-grade 1/4-inch assistant input

• global Power Supply

• Optional black vinyl cover through silver embroidered logoTech 21 version #VC112-LM