My inquiry is an easy and simply as the title what go "I owe you my life" mean?

I looked for the meaning of "owe" and understand sentences favor "I owe you 3 dollars" or "You owe me a favor", yet I cant recognize this sentence.

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Please give explanation.


The an interpretation of "owe" in this sentence is exactly what you think the is.

The situation is typically when someone"s life has been conserved by another. The very first person had, essentially, shed their life, and the second person had given it back to him. The first person is indebted come the 2nd for your life - they fan it to them.

In part cultures, mainly historical, this could be a literal debt - the human whose life was saved would fan the other everything they required, up to and also including sacrificing their very own life for them. Nowadays the debt is no literal, however still means that a moral debt is owed.


Owe is a synonym for Own, i think it has to do v the old language. If you replace Owe right into own, you"ll watch it makes finish sense :-)

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