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Feat. Lil JonLook in ~ this mouth, look at these eye look in ~ these ears look at this hair line" "the neck! " "the neck, the hairline the ears, the mouth, the nose, the eyes the whatever Maury. ""you know damn well this yo baby! you understand this yo baby!" "When it comes to 10 month old baby, Dante... You room not the father"Dat infant don"t look choose me x4Yeah!Shawty puttLil jonMan, we got one best here!Yall know who this track forThis infant don"t watch nothin prefer meTalk come em shawtty puttLets go!That baby ain"t mineI"m sorry"you room not the father"Bitch you heard mauryI ain"t buyin no carseatAnd ns ain"t finna take treatment of no freakNot me (not me)You ain"t gettin no trust up outta mine checkBut I will certainly pay for that dna testI ain"t buyin no huggies, don"t dress him favor me the ain"t mine lil buddyDem ain"t my lips and them ain"t my eyes you deserve to keep them huge pitchas and the wallet sizeThat baby acquired a big nose girl look at mine you have the right to play blind yet girl girlfriend needa prevent tryinYou can stop cryin girl you deserve to stop cryinYou done pick the wrong one infant this time the aint my problem shawtyI can"t odor yaTake that by my momma residence girl she"ll phone call yaDat baby don"t look like me x9"shes a stankin slut, she needa store her knee closed, the baby look nothin prefer me that baby dick eyed and I obtained squinty eyes, us look different from head come toe""you think this infant looks like any of ya"ll""now children, what carry out you say as soon as you satisfy a quite man""are you mine daddy?"Naw naw naw naw naw the baby look just like the reggae sean paulAnd between me and also you on the short low all the curly hair that baby look favor poloI"m tryna tell ya i ain"t that baby pappy he means to crunk friend betta try lil scrappyNow I might be high but the more I look at him, shawty look favor T. I. (bankhead)I can"t lie us was doin our thing, however that"s a nappy head infant you betta try tpain (I wanna buy girlfriend a drank)Naw mayne ns can"t insurance claim him I"m irradiate skined the baby black favor akonWhen ns beat we didn"t go meat come meat, friend betta call petey pablo didn"t he say your name on freak a leak? (keyshia)Shit shot gucci mane bitch he can be however that baby don"t look like meDat baby don"t look prefer me x8