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Lock me up in a prisonAnd litter away the keyTake away the vision>From this eyes the now, now deserve to seeThen deprive me of the food ns eatAnd even bind my hands and feetFor as long as I understand JesusI deserve to still go freeThat I could still walk freeWhat kind of man would reach down his hand and do this because that meUnworthy to live and also not fit to killYet a male on the cross placed me in His willAnd claimed that I can still walk freeNow ns never might quite know why a king would certainly wanna leave His throneTo don the robe of one earthly man and also feel the pains of flesh, flesh and also boneThen to later on trod the lonely pathThat lead to CalvaryBut those blood red stains broke all mine chainsSo the I could still go free(Repeat Chorus)
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