Ellen uncovered dead: YouTuber that Star wars Girl, Anna’s missing small sister Ellen has actually been discovered dead.

Anna announced Ellen’s fatality in a touching write-up on Twitter the read:


We are working through the police to discover her but every share helps.If you watch her speak to 911 immediately.

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My sister and her girlfriend were able to ping several of Ellens recent areas from she phone. The critical three places she to be were: Turlock, Modesto, and Stockton, CA. We space going come start browsing those cities and also spreading the word to neighborhoods there. We room going to uncover her

On the 27th June 2019, Anna and her household got a new lead:

We have actually a lead on my sister or at least her car! i posted the info in a fb team for Stockton and also someone claimed they witnessed her yesterday in a purchase center.I’m walk to contact the shop there and also my cousin is in Stockton currently driving approximately looking because that her.

Someone stated the spotted it in Stockton, Ca . Mine cousin is there now at the place now obtaining footage indigenous the servility that the local businesses.

Someone SPOTTED the automobile outside of a Walmart in Stockton and contacted me on fb. She recognized the stickers and also said there to be two civilization in the car one was definitely a man. I’m waiting on the defense video.

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I don’t understand if this is her or someone has taken her or she car/cards and also is utilizing them. She been missing for nearly a mainly now and also I’m scared together hell. Waiting on this security footage is driving me crazy.

My brother and cousin have been doing whatever they deserve to to drive around the areas are go into company asking if anyone has actually seen her. I’m driving increase from southerly California tonight. The police are supposed to be ale to get accessibility to her bank charges now