The Bar an approach San Francisco - Downtown is a boutique fitness studio supplying barre classes because that students of every levels. The signature method uses your own body weight, the ballet barre and also a few props to produce a transformative workout that results in long, skinny sculpted muscles. Not just does it reshape your whole body, but it allows you come channel her inner strength and also leave class feeling strong, confident and also poised. Highly-trained instructors customize the exercises to certain they room safe and also effective for any age and every body, including modifications for pregnant women and also students v injuries. Our staff and community are below to assistance you indigenous the minute you walk with the door.

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The Bar method San Francisco - Downtown is located in the love of the jae won district and features 2 workout studios, a spacious lobby, ago lounge area, and fully stocked women"s and men"s locker rooms. We are open 7 days a week with classes throughout the day. Us validate parking in any kind of of the Embarcadero facility garages.

We have actually made some changes to ours services and amenities to save you safe. Discounted Parking Traveling regime Waiting Area Restrooms
Look and feel your finest with endless monthly classes enjoy the many perks and also build your barre community an initial month just $99*
Consistent accessibility so friend can always get her barre settle Balance your schedule with selection Transform her mind, body and also spirit
Perfect for those who require the utmost versatility Attend classes as your schedule permits Pay as you go pricing

While walk-ins are welcome, class sizes are restricted and have the right to be offered out. We extremely recommend reserving classes digital or through The Bar method app in order to guarantee your spot in class. Appointments are studio specific and can be comprised to 7 job in advance.Classes fill up quickly, however spaces will open up up as clients reschedule. If you’d prefer to attend a course that is full, please put yourself top top the waitlist. As shortly as a spot opens up in class, friend will get either an e-mail or text notification. Please reply to the notification immediately even if it is you deserve to attend or not. Your spot in course is no guaranteed till you confirm.When you arrive at the studio, you re welcome check-in in ~ the front desk.If you room on the waitlist for very early morning class, please speak to the studio before class or sign up because that text post notifications come be sure of even if it is or not you made it into the class.All clients are restricted to to visit one course per day.
If girlfriend cannot attend class, release your class online, on The Bar technique app, or call the studio to avoid being charged for a no-show. Every classes call for cancellation 12 hrs in advance to protect against a penalty.If you are using a class package, a no-show or cancellation ~ the over cutoff home window results in a ns of the class. If you are using an countless membership package, her account will certainly be fee $20 because that a so late cancel and also $25 because that a no show.
PLEASE NOTE: when we are re-building our in-studio classes throughout this pandemic, late arrivals will certainly not be permitted. The studio door will certainly be locked once class starts.We highly recommend an initial time clients to arrrive 10 minute early.
SHOES off SOCKS ON: Shoes, ceiling feet, and toe-less socks space not allowed in the studio. Socks that cover your entire foot room required. Grippy socks room strongly said as castle hlep you keep stability in class.Client may lug their very own socks from home, or acquisition Bar method grippy socks at the studio.DRESS for SUCCESS: we strongly indicate pants the go below the knee and no midriffs, though it is not required.
Please carry out not bring glass or uncapped drinks right into the practice studios. Capped water bottles space allowed.Please carry out not lug cell phones right into the exercise studio. Lockers are detailed with keys and we ask the you leave your phone in a locker along with the remainder of her belongings.Please perform not chew gum in the practice studio.We provide towels there is no charge. Hand towels are accessible in both locker rooms. Please leave your towel in the hamper ~ above your method out.Disruptive students might be asked come leave. You re welcome be respectful of fellow students and your instructor.
Pregnant clients must provide the front desk with a keep in mind from their doctor allowing them to take strengthening and also stretching classes.It is strongly motivated that all pregnant clients take at least one pre-natal class before taking a standard class. We likewise recommend that pregnant clients stop Level 2 and also Bar move classes.Pregnant students can opt to take the very first half the the course (which concentrates on the arms and also legs) for half price.
No clients are admitted before they with 13 year of age.Clients under 18 need to be attach by one adult.
Please educate front workdesk staff and also instructors of any type of illness or injury the may impact your capability to exercise. In part cases, a doctor’s note might be required to allow you to take class.If you have a cold or anything else that might be contagious we ask the you execute not to visit class.

Club Bar members are permitted to freeze your memberships double per year for as much as 90 days. A fee of $20 every month is required each time girlfriend freeze your membership.

Class package sessions need to be provided within 12 months of purchase and cannot be placed on a freeze or extension. They space nontransferable or refundable.

All sales on Bar technique classes room final.Retail items might be reverted for an account credit transaction within 14 work of purchase, unworn, through tags quiet on.

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MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION POLICY: As indicated on the club Bar covenant when signing up, girlfriend understand and agree the the commitment is a month-to-month commitment (monthly membership). Except as otherwise noted, this covenant will remain energetic unless you cancel it by giving an alert via email to prior to your following billing date. Your notification may be at any kind of time throughout your first month there is no incurring an additional charge, after the it should be offering with a 30 job notice; if you have a scheduled billing day less 보다 30 job after you’ve given notification to cancel, you will certainly be charged because that one added month prior to your cancellation is complete. The Bar technique Downtown SF to make reservation the best to cancel your membership at any kind of time. Please note: you may not cancel her membership while her account is frozen; any type of cancellation while her account is frozen will certainly be thought about as 30 days an alert from her return date.