It was like a 5 second moment yet I thought it was very great sportsmanship ~ above Natalie’s component to congratulate Kayleigh as they left despite their rivalry.

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Good for she for taking care of the ns well!

I also liked as soon as Kam stated “you wanted this!” after they won & Natalie actually provided a shrug & nod of “yeah, true. Fair.” an excellent sportsmanship.

I favor the rule of the season v the mystery votes then obtaining to check out who voted girlfriend in and getting come pick that you want to go against. Need to make things interesting.

Yeah I favor the format however I concern the eliminations room going to be crap. You’re virtually always walk to have actually a girl/girl team going versus at least 1 guy. So it’s gonna make things be non physics eliminations.

I feel favor it yes, really favors the stronger teams. No one is walking to poll in Bananas/Tony or Kyle/Brad, Zach or CT because they dont want the possibility of dealing with them in elimination.

That elimination to be pure BS....... I obtain Paulie is a dude.... But cam was simply walking approximately like it to be nothing with little resistance. Paulie was struggling to gain like 10 feet away.

I wasn’t sure if it to be BS until seeing how close Kam to be to Kaleigh’s cage and how far Paulie was from Natalie’s cage. Ns no Paulie fan, but fuck that.

The idea behind the equaliser is an excellent but either someone obtained the maths not correct or because of the last minute nature of choosing the contenders they could only collection it for mean male load Vs average female? together it occurred with Kam being probably the best girl and Paulie one of the smaller males it just didn't make a same fight.

I think Kam likewise made usage of the benefit and she was helping Kayleigh with the puzzle as she walk along and didn't worry about finishing collecting all the pieces an initial whereas Paulie was racing to get the pieces and then to be shouting instructions at the end to Natalie who had actually herself in a jumble by then. The wasn't yes, really an choice to Paulie to give instructions item by piece as the couldn't with the cage at all unlike Kam.

Just perfect watching. I was like WTF?????? This to be absurd. No taking away from kam yet yeah the wasn't fair in ~ all

for real

i acquire that men vs woman isnt the fair but mtv is the one who provides up the video game rules so they should have actually to attend to it

if this is a sign of points to come, climate this season is gonna suck as soon as it come to any kind of competition and be supervisor unfair and also shitty to watch

I agree, ns don't think Kam should be bragging around anything when she might literally just walk come the cage through no resistance.

It to be pretty plainly unfair, Kam could walk and also stand at the puzzle cage if Paulie's to be so strong he couldn't also get close to the cage, even with assist from Natalie.

The doubled bands to be ridiculous.

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Regarding the elimination, i wish they would have actually made the resistance a details percentage of your body weight and also not what castle did. Paulie clearly had a much tougher time 보다 Kam and also it wasn't because he's weak. It's no a knock against Kam reason she is plainly a strong competitor.


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