The contribution layout income statement because that Huerra firm forlast year is offered below:

Net operatingincome360,0007.20
Income count
Net income$252,000$5.04

The agency had average operating assets of $2,000,000 duringthe year.

You are watching: The contribution format income statement for huerra company for last year is given below:

5. Together a an outcome of a more intense initiative by salespeople, salesare enhanced by 20%; operating assets remain unchanged.

5a. What is the Margin %

5b. What is the turn over because that this: This should be asmall number.

5c. What is the ROI %

6. At the start of the year, useless inventory carried onthe books at a expense of $40,000 is scrapped and written off as aloss.

6a. What is the Margin %

6b. What is the rotate over for this: This must be asmall number.

6c. What is the ROI %

7. In ~ the start of the year, the company uses $200,000 ofcash (received on account receivable) to repurchase and retiresome of its common stock.

7a. What is the Margin %

7b. What is the turn over for this: This have to be asmall number.

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7c. What is the ROI %

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