Now that loss is in full swing here at Pixelberry, it"s time for another round of questions, answers, and also the latest options news. Earlier this month, us passed a pretty large milestone: 1,000 chapters exit in Choices! If you"ve read them all -- congrats! us hope you"ve had just as much fun analysis our story as we"ve had producing them.

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Since we"ve obtained quite a few questions to answer (thank you to everyone who commented v their questions, it"s lot appreciated!), let"s dive right in...

When is comes out?

Here"s a quick rundown:

Open Heart: publication 2 and Bloodbound: book 3 will be out later this year! much more details come come...

Ride-or-die: publication 2 is still a means out, however it"s in the works! We"re hoping to relax it at some time in 2020. (Thanks because that waiting! We"ve never ever done a sequel quite favor this before...)

High college Story: class Act return in October! save an eye the end for much more previews and also a cover reveal soon.

Any brand-new hints about what"s going under in Bloodbound 3? What around Open love 2?

Bloodbound 3 transforms the game completely, now that you’re a vampire! You"ll battle with her newfound powers together they change you... Even as an incredibly powerful vampire come in new York City, to plan to adjust the world. Expect more thrills, more sexy times, and also a truly epic conclusion!

What"s next in open up Heart 2? currently that you"re ~ above the upstream diagnostics team, you"ll be taking high profile instances alongside Ethan and also a pair new, excellent colleagues! The eyes of the world are on you. Her friends will certainly be encountering their own challenges as their stays are turned upside down...

Will over there be any new game mechanics in future options books? will we it is in seeing more of the flirt selection mechanic from mommy of the Year in various other books?

Affirmative: You"ll certainly be seeing brand-new game mechanics, particularly in knives of Light and Shadow. It"s among our more experimental books, so look forward to that! regarding the mom of the Year"s flirt an option mechanic, us can"t say anything definitive, but you never recognize what"ll crop up in brand-new books!

What publications have male/female key character options? Why execute some publications have more minimal customization options?

Here"s the lowdown for brand brand-new books: The imperial Masquerade and one various other soon-to-be announced book will attribute a heroine protagonist. Knives of Light and Shadow and also Distant Shores will function male/female key character choices -- and Blades will additionally feature orc and elf key character options.

As because that why: depending on the book, it comes under to what"s best for the story (like for Desire & Decorum) or resources available. Making a publication with lot of gender choices costs added art, writing, coding, and QA testing resources, and also the fact is, we have the right to only bought to carry out it for some books. Of course, we definitely want come make an ext stories with an ext customization options, i beg your pardon you"ll be seeing in the future... Like knives of Light and also Shadow!

If you"ve got certain requests and also feedback because that us, let us know! just message united state on on facebook or in-app. You may not view the transforms you desire ASAP, yet that doesn"t mean we"re not taking note.

When are knives of Light and also Shadow and also Distant Shores coming out?

In one old blog post, we pointed out that far-off Shores is slated come come the end this year, yet we newly switched up the schedule on that. Knives of Light and also Shadow has actually been moved up come launch this winter. Far-off Shores will be coming out beforehand in 2020. Apologies because that the switch! Sometimes, scheduling simply shakes the end that way. (And yes, we"ve got much more sneak peeks top top the way!)

Will there be more of The Elementalists? Platinum? The It lives series?

For now, the main series of The Elementalists is over. The team is acquisition a rest from Penderghast and working ~ above a new (and pretty kickass, IMO) publication that us think you"ll love. But you"ll certainly be seeing her Penderghast crew again, since we"ve obtained a holiday unique brewing! mean some wintry magick, snowy shenanigans, and also heartwarming moments under the mistletoe... (We"re additionally working on part holiday specials for a few other lovely series. Stay tuned for more news!)

Platinum is a solo publication (for a behind-the-scenes look, check out our interview v the team). Getting to release a bunch of karaoke-able songs has actually been a blast! We entirely hear you around putting the monitor on Spotify, and also that"s other we"re functioning on...

The It resides team is currently working on various other projects, so whether it it s okay a book 3 is still increase in the air. We"ll allow you know right away as soon as we have an ext concrete info. In the meantime, us hope you"ll take Halloween as an possibility to replay It resides in the Woods and It stays Beneath for your dose of thrills and chills!

When is Hero comes back?

As reader of Inside choices know, Hero: publication 2 was reserved for 2020 and also has been in the works. We have a script for it now, however unfortunately, due to our restricted art budget, us can"t move forward through it in the close to future. As a result, Hero will be walk on hiatus for the moment being.

Every Choices book is a huge labor the love, and books choose Hero and Most Wanted room no exceptions. We understand the sorrow, anger, and also disappointment you feeling when publications don"t acquire the sequels you want. For that, we apologize, and also hope you"ll identify the love that us feel for the publications we poured ours hearts into. These aren"t decisions we make lightly, and also we miss our favourite characters and also stories simply as lot as friend do. We"ll permit you know if something changes, promise.

Why are there so numerous standalone books? exactly how do you decision if a book gets a sequel?

This price is walking to gain a little long, therefore bear v us. There"s a many of determinants that go into this: In the past, we"ve focused on much longer running series and trilogies, favor The Freshman and The Crown & The Flame. Much more recently, us switched gears come prioritize expanding our library with new and different stories.

Some the these publications were planned native the start as solo books, favor Veil the Secrets. Other publications were planned as standalone stories with sequel potential, relying on how lock performed, prefer Nightbound. We"ve learned a many from expanding the selections library, and we expect to use those lessons to create far better Choices publications than ever before.

So how does a standalone publication with sequel potential acquire that sequel? just how the publication performed is a huge part the it: go enough civilization play it and care enough about it to use diamonds ~ above it? Another large factor is budget. Some publications cost much much more than others, and so the "performance bar" for those books is higher. Plus, we have to see if we"re maybe to get the appropriate writers to job-related on it, if the timing functions out in our schedule, and also even an ext surprise components that popular music up follow me the way. If girlfriend love a book and also want come see more of it, save playing it and also share her love v us!

Why go get a sequel? Everyone no it!

We constantly appreciate her candor! Please keep in mind the what may be your the very least favorite book is almost certainly someone else"s favorite. Us feel really lucky the every Choices publication finds one audience -- something we check out reflected online, in our data, and also in our Support and Facebook web page inboxes! Some publications may have actually a small but vocal fanbase online, while other books may have large (and much less vocal) audiences. We appreciate the love friend share because that our stories, and at the very same time, value your honest, constructive feedback.

Is The imperial Heir a series? will we get a publication 2?


Will us be meeting any The Crown & The Flame progeny or The royal Romance ancestors in The royal Masquerade?

Also yes.

When is your following livestream?

Ooh, no sure! us love obtaining to chat v you all, but it"s been pretty hectic right here at Pixelberry HQ, so we haven"t really had actually the chance to perform one in a if -- sorry! We certainly want to perform one soon! What teams have to we carry on? What perform you all want to speak about? Let us know!

What"s the best part of your job?

It"s impossible to choose! native a ar Team perspective: acquiring to occupational with our creative, passionate, and also outrageously funny co-workers every work is pretty increase there. Analysis heartfelt, confident messages daily from choices readers like you is likewise awesome. The cute gifs and also excited comments make our day, every time. In short: The people -- on our team, and in the choices fan community.

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Are you working on any brand-new features for Choices?

As imperial talked about in ours Diamond Rewards and key Timers blog post, we"re certainly working on some brand-new features! save an eye out!

Is there anything you have the right to tell us around the mystery story girlfriend hinted at?

From the team: "Hmm, let’s see. Save in mind we’re in the at an early stage planning stages and also this might all change... But what we’re thinking now is the it’ll involve part grisly occult murders amongst NYC’s elite... And also an unlikely pair the crime-solvers who could just be the only civilization who can bring the killer to justice!"

What new genres room you functioning on? What new books are you looking forward to?

Well, there"s the brand-new mystery! We"ve additionally got pirates (Distant Shores) and epic fantasy (Blades the Light and Shadow) in the works. There"s certainly more, but we"re no at liberty come say ideal now...

Whew! That"s a the majority of questions. Us hope us answered your today. Give thanks to you again come everyone that sent concerns in, and thank you (yes, you) because that reading!