Since The Division 2’s release, many type of players have been in search of a method to settle the no sound bug that they’ve been encountering. If you’re among the unlucky players running into this difficulty, then the great news is, there are a few fixes available that could deal with the worry for you. Here’s what you have to understand.

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How to fix the no sound bug in The Division 2

If you want to solve the no sound bug in The Division 2, then you’re going to need to examine a couple of things. First, if you’re enduring the no sound bug, inspect if you’re using the Logitechnology Gaming Software suite for anypoint on your computer system. Many players have reported problems via the Logitech software interfering through the game’s audio and also leading to some issues.

If you have actually the Logitech Gaming Software set up on your computer, then you can disable it by exiting out of it entirely. If you’re utilizing a Logitech headset, it’s also been said by many type of customers that altering it out to one more headset—or even making use of normal speakers—can fix the issue. Obviously, not everyone has accessibility to multiple headsets, so if you’re still experiencing issues, then it’s time to relocate on to the following action.

If disabling the Logitechnology Gaming Software doesn’t deal with the problem, or if you don’t use Logitech commodities at all, then there is one more item that might cause worries. We likewise discovered that individuals running Dolby Atmos discovered themselves running into audio concerns in The Division 2. Thus, we extremely indicate making sure it is disabled in your speaker/headset’s properties in Windows’ settings.

Players have the right to disable Dolby Atmos via the Windows" Device Properties for their audio gadget.

To disable Dolby Atmos, ideal click on the speaker symbol on your taskbar. Then, select Sound Setups, and look for Device Properties in the food selection. From here, look for Spatial Sound in the settings. Go to this tab and ensure that this alternative is turned to Off. With Dolby Atmos disabled, your sound need to have went back.

Unfortunately, if neither of these resolutions job-related for you, then you’re going to must wait for Ubisoft to release an upday. The great news is, they are already functioning hard to solve the concern themselves, and also you have the right to stay approximately day by discovering the main Twitter web page. We’ll additionally update this write-up when the problem is reresolved, or if any type of more solutions end up being accessible.

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Now that you recognize how to fix the no sound bug, be sure to return to our The Division 2 guide hub for even more beneficial content.