This guide intends to assist you gain all the achievements, and helpful tips so the you don’t dice all the time, while hope beating the game.

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There will certainly be spoilers in this guide, yet none specify the ending(s).This video game is literally 95% RNG, which is just one of the major reasons as to why this video game is extremely difficult.

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Easy AchievementsMedium AchievementsHard AchievementsDifficult accomplishments & helpful TipsThreatsPossible Strategies


There are 26 achievements in the game. I will certainly arrange them together such: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Difficult. There will be beneficial tips in the difficult section of this guide.

Easy Achievements


Finish the tutorial.


Hang up on all calls from Adam.

Knowledge is Power

Read all 8 tutorial documents on the computer.


I don’t node

Lose the shortest level nodeHexer. It have to be pretty obvious which one is the shortest level nodeHexer. Once you see it, simply let the timer end without law anything.


Visit Adam’s Twitter and also his Youtube when in the A.N.N. Browser. You can find the web links to castle in the bookmarks.


Stack Overload

Lose the lowest level ridge pusher. This one’s additionally obvious as to which one is taken into consideration the lowest level. Again, as soon as you view it, simply let the timer finish without doing anything.

Goldfish Memory

Lose the shortest level memDefrager. This one is also obvious. Don’t even read the letters that come up, just lose.

Lore Junky

Read every the notes, sticky notes, letters, papers, and/or posts on the bulletin board next to your computer.


Then, go to the small, round table close to the balcony door, and read the picture on it.


Lastly, walk/run every the way to the lobby, and also read all the notes on the bulletin board alongside the mailbox near the former entrance.


Medium Achievements

Double Up

This one’s in reality simple, yet I put it as medium as that would call for you to begin using VPNs in bespeak to get your DOS coins and/or buying backdoors and also successfully blocking any type of of the puzzles except Zone Wall. Order two or an ext packages indigenous the shadow Market. Then, walk/run come the alleyway with the front entrance of the lobby, and wait because that the dead drop. You’ll recognize that there’s two or an ext packages in the dead drop if you see 2 of the numbered boxes.


Night Vision

at times, the power will shut off. And also sometimes, you’re a moron for not picking up the flashlight in the beginning, hence you can’t watch anything at all. When the strength shuts off, do your method to the workdesk next to her bed, and also pick up the flashlight.

Hold The Door

as soon as entering the alleyway, there’s a possibility that you’ll listen a laugh or footsteps. If you do, to walk backwards come the room top top the side. Enter the room. Organize still beside the door, and also wait for the Breather to effort to break into the room. Normally, you’re an alleged to only host the door shut as soon as the door pushes in. However, if you desire this achievement. Host the door shut once the door is not being driven in, and also you will fail, i m sorry will offer you the achievement.

Paid to sit

Buy 4 VPNs, and place them where you like. Once they’re every active, you should obtain this achievement.

Butter Fingers

shed the zone Wall. 20 Times. In a row. That have to be pretty easy, however I determined this achievement as medium because there’s no informing whether you’ll live for 20 hacking to get you.

Hard Achievements

Digital Consumer

Buy among every item on the zeroDay Market. Self-explanatory.

Shipping Handler

Buy among every items on the zero Market. Ns actually consider this achievement to it is in a bit harder, because you face. The Breather together a risk every time you get in the alleyway. Self-explanatory.

Shopping Spree

when you attain Digital Consumer and also Shipping Handler, girlfriend should have the ability to gain this one as well.


have actually all 4 activity sensors active and own the blue whisper.

Doll Maker’s Pet

click the Doll machine site in Deep Wiki I. There, you’ll see a lady on the display with the native “enter” close to the bottom. It doesn’t matter how long you’re on the website. The minute you click the link, the Doll device side-mission starts.


Shortly after, you’ll start to listen a music box-esque tune coming native the external of your door. Look v your door’s peephole, and also you’ll it is in greeted by the Doll Maker. The power will shut down, therefore you’ll have to turn the power back on.


Walking back to her door will trigger a an ext intimate arrival to the Doll Maker. The asks you to uncover a mrs in the exact same apartment that is younger than 30, so the he may include her come his doll collection.


You will need the LOLPY bowl in stimulate to accessibility the list of tenants and their corresponding room numbers. As soon as buying the LOLPY disc, insert the in the tower listed below the monitor at the lobby’s reception desk.

For some reason, every time I shot to order the LOLPY disc, the Breather is wait for me. So, when you go into the alley way, be an extremely cautious of the Breather. That will more than likely spawn.


A marker will certainly be put at her door, i m sorry you’ll have to pick up, and place the marker top top the door of a woman who’s young. You may need to do this side-mission several times, together the Doll device desires because that multiple females to add to his collection.


Possible tenants that can be tagged include: Larissa Clay, Clare Holloway, Lilian Tyler, Alice Shaw, Hallie Nicholson, Ashlynn Rangel, Emma Everett, Janiah Osborn, and also Ayana Armstrong.

The room numbers room randomly generated except several tenants’ favor Clint’s room number 803.

It can take a while for the Doll device to put the marker earlier on your door to proceed his next quest. Possibly like 30 minutes in genuine time.

This next mission deserve to take the entirety time indigenous 10PM to 4AM, so i recommend no surfing the internet at all, and just focusing on this side mission to stop threats and also to get the achievement.

One thing to take note. If you location the marker on the not correct door, friend don’t die. The Doll maker places the marker earlier on your door and also laughs. You just die if friend don’t place a mite on a door in time or you acquire too countless incorrect markers placed on the door.

girlfriend will recognize if you placed the mite on the appropriate door. Outside your door, you will hear footsteps and also a girl screaming for help.


Hack all the WiFi networks.The means I approached this was to not surf the net at all to protect against Lucas and also maybe the Breather. However, you will still need to attend to the various other threats and occassional strength outages.Exception come this dominion is to visit DeDo, the Hacker portal site. Possibilities are when you attempt connect, you’ll obtain a hack. Or nice much any type of of the fake websites.You’re walk to need all the dongle upgrades, and all the skyBREAK upgrades.Pray come RNGesus the you gain hacked a lot for extra backdoor action.Look at Miscellaneous information for info about all the WiFi addresses.I to be unsure about some of the worths in that list.

Difficult success & beneficial Tips

The 1%

to win the game.

The Professional

Beat the game, without buying anything.You will be adhering to some advice from beneficial Tips.For Lucas, girlfriend will need to be dependency on her hearing to hear his lockpicking.Before Lucas leaves, just turn turn off the lights close to your bed and the one close to your closet, and then hide in the closet.After Lucas leaves, turn back those lights on immediately, and also then go back to business.For Noir, make sure to leave her lights turned on in her room. It is in wary of external spawns.Ignore Doll Maker.For Breather, go inside the room, and also listen because that his breathing. Host the door as soon as he pushes the door in.You will should depend ~ above the already given WiFis for this totality game. Pray to RNGesus that you don’t gain raided by the Police. Worship RNGesus.You only have one cost-free VPN.

Who’s that lady?

During the ending, push D.

Steel Trap

beat the greatest level memDefrager. This is kind of meta, but what I’d recommend is to compose down the letter/number mix in order on a piece of document or form it in a keep in mind notepad. Or, friend know, memorize it.


Hardest: 6 (13 to 16)-letter/number combinations

I would certainly recommend a high resolution for this achievement.

Hookup Master

In mine opinion, nodeHexer is the hardest mini-game. It’s sort of prefer that one piping video game where you attach all the tube in particular rotations for the water come go v without leakage.

In nodeHexer, your aim is to start at a randomly produced beginning, and then do your method by hooking up nodes come the outlined nodes.

when you hook up v an outlined node, you have to connect to opposing node. Alpha is the opposite of Beta, and also vice versa.

The much more outlined nodes you connect, the much faster the timer runs out. In the harder nodeHexer mini-games, the outlined nodes are more spread apart making it also more daunting for you because you have to connect them all.

Hardest: 12 tagged nodes?

Click Master

You need to click once the green line is in the red-dot-zone. Easier said than done. My negative habit that clicking far to obtain to the second hack mini-game has destroyed me. There space zone walls that have 5 rows or 6 rows, maybe 7 rows, and the red-dot-zone only includes 2 dots, making part zone wall surfaces ridiculously hard. Or maybe, friend know, I’m really bad. Also, you have to block 20 of them. 20. Possibilities are, you’re walking to die by the police or Lucas prior to you can also block 20 zone wall surfaces in a row.


8 rows, just 1 red dot?

Popper Pro

win the highest level stack pusher. Usage the plus authorize looking block come gain access to the stacks, the you push to the central block. Ns don’t yes, really feel choose explaining the mini-game, because it’s not too challenging to recognize it. Just look at the tutorial that Adam offers for you.

Hardest: 15 stacks?

Helpful Tips

Your goal is to uncover 8 hashes v Deep Wiki I, II, and III. Friend will additionally need 250 DOS coins all set in order come finalize the Noir Tunnel, i m sorry will provide you the ending scene.The window opens randomly.The power goes the end randomly, or is motivated by the Doll Maker/Police/Lucas, etc.Start DOS coin farming v VPNs in green positions. It’s ideal if you have the maximum lot of VPNs because that maximum potential generation that DOS coins.Upgrade her dongle so the you don’t must keep moving it.In the beginning, backdoors are a an excellent way to do money when getting hacked.It should currently be obvious, but WEP WiFis are trash, WPA WiFis room better, and also WPA2 WiFis space the best.Key searching deserve to take forever. Usage the resource code alternative to your advantage.The crucial Cue costs 375 DOS coins, i m sorry is outrageously expensive. It’s one of the most overpowered items in the game, though.All of this pages are fake links: bathroom Cams, black color Market, burned At The Stake, Cheap Surgery, chosen Awake, Corpses because that Sell, noodle Road, DEEPDOTWEB, DeDo, Dream Place, F*ck You!, household Drug Shop, Flame, dad Donald, flesh Trade, game CAT, Hackers4Hire, Hail Satan, Happy Family, hot Burners, Illuminati, Legion, Passports R US, Roses Destruction, SKYWEB, for sure Drop, Snuff Portal, Tango Down, The 8 hours Sin, and also The Butcher.I’m not sure if this is true or not, but apparently, there’s a chance that friend can gain hacked as soon as you try to visit the fake links.Some websites room only obtainable at details times.Avoid the Doll device website. Click only if you have actually no an ext websites come check.Make the a habit to lock your door.The an ext keys friend discover, the much more of a risk the opponents become.The more you upgrade her VPN, the much less of a opportunity you’ll be hacked.Later in the game, girlfriend will want to upgrade her VPN, because you don’t want to gain hacked end-game together you can miss audio cues.I’m not certain if transforming your mic turn off or on renders the video game more difficult or not. I’m pretty sure the video game does examine whether you have actually a microphone or not, regardless.If you’re a streamer, make certain to rotate off nudity. And also be wary that some passwords to the WiFi resolve contain incredibly profane language.


Lucas or The Hitman


When you discover two webpages through a key, Lucas will start to spawn. Come elaborate,you don’t need to discover the yes, really hash to cause Lucas. For example, you would certainly think girlfriend only found one key, but if Lucas spawned, that way you let go a an essential on a website that you looked over.This likewise implies that if you don’t surf the internet or discover any kind of keys, Lucas won’t spawn.If friend hear the door gift lockpicked, that’s Lucas’ audio cue.Using motion sensors/audio warns can aid you recognize Lucas’ arrival.If you can’t hear Lucas’ footsteps, that most likely means that you took too lengthy to hide or he’s baiting you come leave.Try no to peek at all as soon as hiding, and also do not walk as soon as running come hide. You have to run, and also you need to be fast.When girlfriend hear the audio cue, carry out not peek at the door together that will cause an brewing insta-death because that you.If you leave the lights turned on, you’ll it is in punished for wasting time. Revolve off the lights, then hide. When Lucas leaves, easily turn every the lights ago on. If the lights to be turned off for also long, you’ll be eliminated by the Noir.There’s a opportunity the power will go the end while Lucas is tho visiting her room. Be wary of the Noir once this happens.Using the Blue Whisper v the movement sensors is a an excellent way of understanding whether Lucas has gone into your room or not once you are outside of her room.Lucas can kill girlfriend on floor 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, and also 10. He can likewise kill you as soon as you’re top top the lobby computer and also at the key door. Have actually two motion sensors near your door, and also at the stairway.Every now and also then, you could encounter Lucas in the stairwell or any other area other than your apartment room. I’m still exploring why this is happening.

The Breather


I personally hate the Breather the most. He always scares me, and I dislike it.Two audio cues in the lobby. Breathing as soon as you exit the stairwell. Wade when close to the former door.Four audio cues when entering alleyway. Laughter, knocking on the dumpster, footsteps, and also a call ringtone.Beating the Breather is possible. If girlfriend hear laughing noises or footsteps once entering the alleyway, conveniently run to the room and open the door. Once inside, wait because that the Breather to walk through (you will hear his footsteps), and also when the Breather comes to the door, he will try to break inside. There are two sounds that he’ll do.He’ll inhale and exhale slowly.The other sound is the he’ll inhale and also exhale faster.You require to organize the door the moment the door pushes in.During the Breather event, carry out not look at him with the window.If you cannot pick up the package or open up the door, you space instantly dead. I’m tho trying to check out if this is avoidable.You’ll recognize you’re done once after all that tension, friend hear him walking away. Wait 30 seconds after that, and then go to choose up your package.If you don’t surf the web (no secrets discovered), the Breather could not spawn. However, i have had runs whereby I faced the breather even without surfing the web.

The Police


This is how the police track you, as far as ns know. It’s 100% RNG. Every WiFi has a specific tracking/detection rate. The WEP WiFi detection prices are the highest, the WPA WiFi detection rates are lower, and the WPA2 WiFi detection rates are the lowest. Disconnecting may aid in reducing the probability that a police raid. Switching WiFis is inefficient if you’re switching between WEP WiFis. If you move from three WEP WiFis, and all of them have high detection rates, the opportunities of you gift swatted are an extremely high. If you switch from 3 WPA2 WiFis, the possibilities of you gift swatted are substantially lower. Why do you think Adam stated there’s a WiFi that makes you pretty much undetectable?SnuffBox and also PHATCLOUD5 space very great WiFis. You can just switch in between those two, and also you’ll be pretty lot safe native the Police.You execute not require to relocate your WiFi dongle. Only as soon as you’re searching for other WiFi addresses.The Police Scanner go a many to help you finding if the police are in quest of your vicinity. If they are, merely disconnect from the WiFi. Then, you can either switch to another WiFi deal with or store connecting come that exact same WiFi address.

The Noir


Apparently, if you rotate off the lights for too lengthy ( two minutes ), and then rotate the lights earlier on. The Noir will certainly be waiting for you to walk on her computer. Once you leaving the monitor, you’ll be eliminated by the Noir.The much more keys you discover, the much more aggressive the Noir become. Lock will spawn in more areas much more frequently. If you turn off your lights in your room in attempt to shorten Lucas’ visit, there’s a possibility that once you come out of hiding (depending ~ above how plenty of keys girlfriend have), the Noir will assault you in the dark.You must have actually all your lights rotate on to minimize the opportunity of the Noir indigenous spawning in your room. The Noir spawning exterior your window, hallway, or door is very random, but will become much more frequent when you discover an ext keys.It transforms out the more keys girlfriend discover, the greater of a opportunity the Noir will spawn anywhere, no issue what. Turning off your lights increases that chance. If her lights are turned on, there’s tho a possibility that the Noir deserve to spawn alongside you or in her room.As far as i know, the Noir have the right to spawn top top you, especially when you the very least expect it. You might be walking down a hallway, and suddenly a Noir kills you.

Possible Strategies

One huge problem about this video game is the RNG, definition that speedruns for this game can it is in stressful.

Strategy #1

In the beginning, friend should have a totally free VPN, skyBREAK, and also a backdoor.You want to gain a most money (with VPNs), however this time — surf the web.One means to get more hacks is come spam update on a fake connect or a site page. Then, you desire to reconnect to a cost-free wifi to cancel the loading bar, do this a spam exploit to make money faster. This make use of may it is in patched soon.This strategy introduces the threats previously on, and makes the video game more daunting earlier.However, you might get really lucky and also find all the eight hashes relatively fast.You will have to confront all threats, if you plan on surfing and buying assets alongside every other.This is the most common strategy amongst players.

Strategy #2

In the beginning, girlfriend should have a complimentary VPN, skyBREAK, and a backdoor.When put dongle at balcony, try to location it fast and also then walk back into your apartment.When turning on ago the power, shot running to rotate it on, climate run earlier before the maintain door closes.Closing ANN, and then re-opening is faster on slower WiFis come go earlier to Home.One way to get more hacks is to spam refresh on a fake attach or a website page. Then, you desire to reconnect to a cost-free wifi to cancel the loading bar, make this a spam manipulate to make money faster. This make use of may be patched soon.Get a the majority of money (keep buying an ext VPNs), and also do not surf the internet at all, except the fake web links to start hacks. RNG is impactful in this game, therefore it’s better to it is in safe than sorry.If friend don’t surf the internet at all, Lucas and also the Breather will not spawn. However, constantly stay careful when entering the alleyway.I recommend this WiFis in order (* needs dongle upgrade): doody, SuddenLink990, DevShareTwo, NetflxnChillByMyself, Ethical_Hacker, MaximumBlack, TellMyWifiLoveHer, PHATCLOUD5, SnuffBox, * large Dave Network, * hidden Network, * DOSNET.I mentioned their preferably injection numbers in assorted Information.If you want, you can try going because that the higher upgrades, yet those will take more time.You will then need to go because that the vital Cue.The factor why we room trying to acquire the vital Cue and also the various other upgrades prior to surfing the net is to acquire the necessary assets to beat the game. The Noir will certainly still spawn, and also the Police will certainly still it is in a threat.Once you have the crucial Cue and also other gadgets like the movement Sensor for Lucas, or the Police Scanner for the Police, you deserve to then start to surf through the web starting with Deep Wiki I.The vital Cue does not detect Wiki links.Deep Wiki III is constantly obtained indigenous The dominion of Three.Here is the list of the fake websites: toilet Cams, black color Market, shed At The Stake, Cheap Surgery, chosen Awake, Corpses because that Sell, cotton Road, DEEPDOTWEB, DeDo, Dream Place, F*ck You!, family members Drug Shop, Flame, father Donald, meat Trade, video game CAT, Hackers4Hire, Hail Satan, Happy Family, hot Burners, Illuminati, Legion, Passports R US, Roses Destruction, SKYWEB, certain Drop, Snuff Portal, Tango Down, The 8th Sin, and also The Butcher.You want to ignore all of these websites, together they waste your time.Doll machine site need to be her last resort. Execute not visit this website until you have actually visited every other easily accessible sites.There space sites that room only available at specific times. There’s one more guide that states those times. Examine it out.You will be rushing through all of these websites v SnuffBox (or probably DOSNET/Big Dave Network/DrAdelDink). If you have actually DOSNET, girlfriend won’t should worry about the Police at all.You do not need to switch her dongle. You might need to switch your WiFis, yet it’s not necessary once you reach SnuffBox or DOSNET.Another factor why you ignore the web in the beginning is so the you can acquire all the packages native the alleyway without having to worry about the Breather.After you acquire the important products, friend won’t should visit the alleyway again.You will only must worry about Lucas, the Noir, and also the Police. In my opinion, the Noir space your greatest threat, as the more keys girlfriend discover, the more aggressive they become. Lucas is avoidable, as lengthy as you have motion sensors in Floor 8 Hallway, Stairway, and also possibly the Lobby.This may not be the many viable speedrun, yet it’s absolutely a great way come beat this game.

Strategy #3

This an approach is a typical “speedrunning” tactic. However, in this game, saving is in intervals the 20 minutes. And also things won’t be the very same for every save document after. This method might actually be an ext punishing than you think. Regardless, if someone to be to usage this technique for a “speedrun”, ns wouldn’t really call it a “speedrun” together that person can have modification the game’s save files in stimulate to much better suit that run; in other words, this sort of an approach could be solved so the the player beats the video game under a preferred time.There are glitches in this video game like the door glitch, in i beg your pardon you deserve to go indigenous floor 8 to floor 1 in a issue of seconds. However, this glitch is very inconsistent, making this either a time waster or a miracle.

“The Professional” Strategy

You only have actually one cost-free VPN, and also you can’t buy anything, for this reason your ideal bet is to find that sweet clues of 4.3 DOS Coins per 108 seconds, if not, better.You will have actually to confront all threats.I’m not too sure how to “speed run” this achievement run, together it needs a many god-like RNG to even pull off.

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“Doll Maker’s Pet” Strategy

Your goal is to make 135 DOS coins as rapid as girlfriend can. I’ve to be able to reach 150+ DOS coins v the refresh make use of at 10:30 PM. The 135 DOS coins will be needed in order to buy the LOLPY disc.Be wary the the Breather. For some reason, every operation I’ve tried to go for the Doll Maker’s Pet always leads come the Breather spawning after i buy the LOLPY disc. So I’m assuming that his spawnrate likewise has to execute with the lot of money you have or because of details products that you bought.Follow mine Doll Maker’s success guide in difficult Achievements.

“Infiltrator” Strategy

Your score is to store scanning, probing, injecting, and also cracking.You want to update skyBREAK to WPA2, and also the WiFi dongle come level 3 together this allows you to access the various other WiFis crucial to hack every one of the WiFi addresses.I’m not too sure just how to accessibility Hidden Network or DonaldsWiFi yet. I’m really skeptical of civilization that have completed this achievement.Recommended for You