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Updated because that Gods and Kings and also Brave brand-new World DLCs

Civilization"s Leader: Attila

Civ Bonus: Scourge of GodAttila the Hun deserve to raze urban at double speed and also steals the surname of various other Civs" urban when starting his own. An ext importantly, the Huns start with animal Husbandry, which lets them see horses on the map right away, build pastures, and also lets friend choose good places come settle and also take benefit of his Civ"s bonus. Castle will likewise get +1 manufacturing per Pasture, so you will perform well come select areas with numerous Sheep/Cattle/Horses.

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Unique Unit: equine ArcherRequires The WheelThis good unit replaces the Chariot Archer and also ditches the terrain penalties. They have actually 4 move, 10 ranged strength, 7 defense, and also start with Accuracy I, i m sorry raises damage versus units in open terrain - through a Barracks, you have the right to go straight for Accuracy II. Most importantly, you carry out not require steeds to construct the equine Archer and also it is a powerful, early on ranged unit. A weakness presents chin later, in the the horse Archer upgrades to the Knight. This renders Accuracy I-III useless, together with Logistics. If girlfriend can acquire March, the will bring over, else any type of ranged upgrades will be useless to your Knights.

Unique Unit: damaging RamRequires bronze WorkingThe battering Ram replaces the Spearman, however is a Siege unit. Their triple attack against Cities offers them an effective 30 strength once attacking a City, but that is all they space able to do. It might not melee strike units and also is singularly focused on bringing down Cities. Escort them with equine Archers to death any adjacent units and they room able come steamroll cities one by one. They update to and also are replaced by the Trebuchet. This unit will make Catapults useless come you for the reason. Because it would certainly be upgrading to acquire melee promotions then move on to come to be a ranged unit, focus on upgrades the will work-related for both - favor Cover.

Playing versus The Attila AI - your Tendencies (XML Info and also Flavors)
WarmongerHatredWonderCompeteOffenseBuildDefenseBuildCityDefenseDoFFriendlyto CivsDenounceCivsWar w/CivsDeceptionLikelihoodCSCompCS War
Other InfoAttila is one of the most aggressive leader in people 5, and likewise one most likely to it is in deceptive toward you. Perform not to trust him if he appears friendly yet has reasons to hate you. Having actually this Civ on your boundaries can it is in dangerous, because that they are not a familiar neighbor and also have a tendency to build many military units. His unique Units are useless through the mid-game. I imply you counter what is most likely to be an military largely comprised of horsemen with Pikemen and also Spearmen of your own, along with ranged. Block battering Rams from acquiring next to your City with any unit - they can not melee attack.
Start Bias: protect against Jungle & forest
A battering Ram brings under Siam"s capital while equine Archers carry out cover fire

Strategies/Ideas for play Attila:Players utilizing Attila must go for either a Liberty or respect start. Honor is what i chose, yet Liberty could assist in a few ways - girlfriend will be able to ignore building a Settler because that your first expansion and also instead emphasis on Military. Walking Liberty, you might want to take on Honor after acquiring the cost-free settler come get culture from barbarian kills and also easily make up the difference. Equine Archers are an extremely mobile and also capable of going big distances to clear encampments for City-State quests and the extra society from Honor. Nevertheless of exactly how you start, you will absolutely desire to complete Honor once playing Attila. You should have actually a large military at an early stage in the game and the services of these plans are huge, providing you decreased upgrade costs, quicker military building construction and also happiness/culture to help a vast empire stave off unhappiness. Have a look at the page on respect to learn much more about the Policies.

If you start Honor, I imply you take the left side first. This will give you a totally free Great general and an increase production of Melee units - since damaging Rams room melee and also somewhat expensive, for this reason this will aid you produce them faster. The an excellent General will give that extra +15% attack bonus and assist you take it your an initial City. An ext importantly, you want the +50% XP from kills as at an early stage as possible. This will certainly let your steed Archers upgrade fairly fast, along with the damaging Rams. Girlfriend don"t need the Happiness/Culture from Garrisons until you"ve got several Cities, and that should come at about the time you"ll require it. Building a Barracks and also having the left side of Honor, you"ll have Horse Archers that can start with Accuracy II and also be closer come the great upgrades, such as Logistics and March. The latter will aid the unit as soon as it upgrades to the Knight, however do not worry around what upgrades will do later and also focus on using their strength while castle are accessible and viable in combat.

The +1 manufacturing from Pastures should provide you a an excellent idea top top the form of area you need to be settling with any type of Cities you uncovered yourself (most Cities will certainly come from other Civs). This bonus is pretty vast early in the game and you will be complimentary to trade horses to Civs for gold or luxuries, as you execute not need them for a very long time. You will still require trade paths to boost income, yet I totally ignored religious beliefs until I had a holy City through some good beliefs that suited mine play. Friend don"t require to found a religion with Attila; instead, elect to take it another"s and also possibly even enhance it later with a an excellent Prophet (put that in the holy City).

Attila is intended to rush various other Civs top top his continent an extremely early and also does so very well v his two ancient-era distinct Units, an especially the battering Ram. Rams in pairs can easily lug down poorly defended Cities with only a couple units (Horse Archers) to assist fight off any defenders, as the rams themselves cannot melee assault other units. Depending how close your next rival Civ is, you may also rush technology to construct a battering ram and also crush lock using just one or two of those with overlook for building your own an initial Settler. Some players have actually used them to conquer capitals within 30 turns - they room that powerful! Coming the end of a City v a Barracks, you deserve to take the second +33% defense versus ranged (Cover II) to safeguard it against City attacks and also ensure that gets earlier to complete health come let you relocate on to the following City.

Maintaining this beforehand momentum is crucial for Attila. The horse Archer is wonderful at picking off units, while her Rams slowly plod through the map and also chew up Cities. Attila"s distinct Bonus granting double Raze rate will come into play a lot. In the early on game, you may want to take it one or both cities a Civ has actually settled, but if the 2nd is in a negative spot, you"ll want to Raze it and later put your own Settler in a much better location nearby. Raze any City that will not either make up for itself through a new Luxury or will not prosper due to poor resources/terrain nearby. Save those urban that have a mix of many places to put pastures and food sources nearby, regardless of luxuries. The AI can settle urban in really dumb spots, but you have the right to burn castle down and also choose a far better location later. Keeping poor Cities will only hinder your capability to continue to attack all of your continent. ~ above a little Pangaea map, Attila would damage everyone and be an easy play also on high challenge (Emperor or higher). I retained about half the urban I dominated in my first game v the Huns. Once you have regulate of a great chunk of your Continent, you will be totally free to make selections on whereby to Settle and choose much much better locations.

Puppet all cities you conquer until you can put in a Courthouse during a time the peace. Some, friend should simply leave as Puppets come keep culture policy prices down. Because that a while, this will be difficult on your gold income and also happiness. It"s OK to let your Civ flourish unhappy so lengthy as the doesn"t reach -10 or lower. If you prevent to resolve these problems, the adversary will easily outpace you in tech and also your unique Units will prevent being for this reason powerful. This is why Razing is so vital for The Huns. Warmongering for this reason early, friend don"t have actually the delight to save all those Cities and also must be picky in what urban you puppet. If girlfriend rapidly overcome your continent, or a huge chunk of it, you have the right to take a rest to build up a bit and catch increase technologically throughout or ~ the medieval era once Cities start to have actually 30-40 defense. Garrison ranged devices in all your cities to acquire the Culture/Happiness native Honor and also possibly spread out the religious beliefs of one more Civ (whose divine City you have to control). Gain Happiness and gold earnings stable then instantly jump ago into War once you"ve gained some new Military techs. On Continents, this method getting to Astronomy come let you cross Ocean. Honor"s plans will go a long method toward upgrading her existing units, and also you"ll have lots of Knights to store that mobile army. The gold from death from Honor"s finisher will assist in upgrading them as well. Usage your rams to upgrade to Trebuchet and also maintain the momentum of Conquest before all Civs are discovered so the you carry out not have the entire civilization declaring battle on you. You will have actually trebuchets with good ranged defense and also mobile knights to aid you lid cities and clear defending units. Carry some Crossbowmen, and you"ve got a an effective Medieval-era military.

Thanks come Attila"s bonus to manufacturing from Pastures, they space not pushovers in the late game and are quite capable of building Wonders if girlfriend so choose. Try to focus on those that room suited for army offense, favor the Brandenburg Gate. You need to put that manufacturing bonus right into a solid Military and use City-States to let you have actually all profession routes active and improve your income. This Civ could be played peacefully, and you"d likely uncover it an amazing game, yet the Huns space built approximately early occupation that should lug on transparent the game. Take brief breaks to stabilize the happiness of her people and your economy. Later on, choose Autocracy and finish off the world with a domination Victory. In some games, friend can dominate so rapid with Attila the you perform not make it to choosing an Ideology, yet this is far less likely when playing on Continents. Her early conquests must be sufficient to aid you play catch-up in technology.

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There are numerous ways come play the Huns, and also I"ve highlighted several of their strengths here. Share your openings and also suggestions for various other players who"ve favored to preeminence as Attila using the comments kind below!

Civilization Bonuses, unique Units, Strategies and Openings
Sid Meier"s Civ 5 is a deep strategy game. I created these individual civilization Guides to highlight the toughness of your specials and also unique units. If you have an opener or reminder for play this Civ the you would prefer to re-superstructure with various other readers, please use the comments type below. Part Guides space in need of update and also will be enhanced to a new standard of high quality or transformed to reflect gameplay transforms in G&K and also Brave new World.
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