Season 13, illustration 1 spring Feast

Spring has actually sprung in The Kitchen, and also Marcela Valladolid celebrate by do a Savory spring Roasted Rack the Lamb. Learn new and natural techniques because that decorating Easter eggs and also making food-inspired bouquets. It"s time to pass the Carrot Cake Trifle made through store-bought cake mix, and Chef James Briscione stops by to do a feather Vegetable Salad. Geoffrey Zakarian toasts the season with a refreshing rhubarb Lemonade.

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Season 13, illustration 2 feather Chicken

The Kitchen is perfecting poultry for spring, beginning with Katie Lee"s Roast Chicken through a twist and the kickoff of the Rotisserie Club v Jeff Mauro"s pulled Chicken Sandwich. Chef and also restaurateur man Seymour stop by come grill honey Garlic Chicken Thighs. The Kitchen Helpline answers generally asked chicken questions, and also Geoffrey Zakarian offer up a Mint Julep.

Season 13, episode 3 struggle Re-Fresh

The Kitchen is welcoming spring with fresh ingredients, starting with Geoffrey Zakarian"s juicy Pork Chops v Spring Vegetables, Marcela Valladolid"s to apologize Peel Snacks and Jeff Mauro"s Veggie optimal Pesto. French fries get two brand-new twists v Sunny Anderson"s Matchstick Fries with Mint and Katie Lee"s Parmesan green Beans Fries, and Marcela renders Churro Cupcakes. Geoffrey shakes up a cocktail in respect of DIY Network"s Vanilla Ice, that stops by to share kitchen makeover tips and also give an impromptu performance through The Kitchen"s own rap duo, Herb and also Spice.

Season 13, illustration 4 What"s hot Right now

The Kitchen is celebrate spice with Jeff Mauro"s Risotto Scampi Fra Diavlo and Sunny Anderson"s basic Sunset Park Noodle Bowl. Chef and restaurateur Michael Psilakis heats increase the kitchen with his Spicy Chicken Tacos. The hosts share spicy food suspect from approximately the world, answer fiery questions from The Kitchen Helpline and also spice increase favorite fruits while sipping top top Geoffrey Zakarian"s Caliente Colada.

Season 13, episode 5 Celebrate good Times

The Kitchen is celebrating good times, and also Katie Lee kicks off the party through Surf and also Turf Skewers. Then the master share your summer food trend forecast, Food Network Star winner Tregaye Fraser stop by through two simple chicken recipes that room perfect because that entertaining, sunny Anderson renders a dessert pizza and also Geoffrey Zakarian stirs up vital Lime Pie Punch. Occasion planner Marcy Blum shares the latest party trends and also Marcela Valladolid renders a DIY photograph Booth.

Season 13, episode 6 Toast to mother

The Kitchen is celebrate Mother"s Day, starting with Geoffrey Zakarian"s Chamomile French Toast and Katie Lee"s Mini Broccoli Quiches. Then Bloom college is in session through three brand-new floral arrangements for mom, the corridor plays happen the Chicken Salad utilizing rotisserie chicken and actress Susan Lucci stops by because that a Mother"s job tea party.

Season 13, illustration 7 Fresh new Flavors

The Kitchen is exploring new flavors, starting with sunny Anderson"s Bruschetta Burger and Katie Lee"s Barbecue Salmon Cobb Salad. Developing fresh, seasonal dishes is simple with a field Guide come Greens and new ways to usage leftover lemons. Marcela Valladolid starts the Kitchen"s herb garden, and Chef Angie Mar shares she tips because that grilling rib-eye steaks. Geoffrey Zakarian offer up a eco-friendly Bloody Mary.

Season 13, illustration 8 obtain Your Grill on

The Kitchen top outdoors together the hosts get their grill all set for spring and put some grilling devices to the test in a tool Takedown. Jeff Mauro renders a mouth-watering Grilled Braciole, and also Marcela Valladolid renders Grilled Cole Slaw. Pit grasp Shannon Ambrosio takes end the grill v his Grilled Jerk Chicken, and also Geoffrey Zakarian shakes up a cigarette smoking Margarita.

Season 13, illustration 9 offer Up some Summer

The Kitchen welcomes the flavors of summer, starting with Katie Lee"s Grilled Shrimp Fajitas and also Marcela Valladolid"s Cheesy Corn Skillet Dip. Head external for the decision on few of the worst BBQ habits, and learn brand-new ways to save an outdoor party cool making use of ice. Chief Ryan Scott stops by to make a cacao Brownie Pie, and good Housekeeping"s mrs Francisco offer up her version of a Moscow Mule.

Season 13, episode 10 Summer sides

The Kitchen is serving up summer sides! sunny Anderson turns dinner favourite steak and also potatoes into basic T-Bone Steak N" Potato Salad, and the hosts dress up delicious next dishes with Designer Dressings. Jeff Mauro builds a far better Pasta Salad utilizing rotisserie chicken, and also side dish questions are answer on the Kitchen Helpline. Singer Jessie James Decker stop by to do fresh Summer Couscous Salad. The ladies of The Kitchen re-superstructure a new way to add flavor to cocktails through Sorbet Cubes.

Season 13, illustration 11 litter a Party for her Pop

The Kitchen kicks off Father"s job celebrations through a stack of Marcela Valladolid"s Sausage and also Bacon Pancakes and a class in building a golf course cake through a store-bought cake. Clear Anderson"s Maui Luau burgess is a surefire hit for cookouts, and Willie Geist, father of two and also host of Sunday now with Willie Geist, stop by to make a delicious Grilled Pizza with Katie Lee. The hosts share brand-new ideas to replace traditional Father"s job gifts and also toast with Dad-inspired cocktails.

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Season 13, illustration 12 every Deck"d out

The Kitchen access time the deck for outdoor entertaining, starting with Geoffrey Zakarian"s Sausage Grinder through Peppers and also Onions. Katie Lee offer an Italian-inspired Seafood Pasta, if Marcela Valladolid"s Grilled Caesar Salad is she twist top top a classic. A game of invest or Skimp shows how to ideal spend on an outdoor party, and the gang shares gardening tips worthy of a eco-friendly Thumbs Up. Then it"s time for cocktails and dessert through Katie"s Pina Colada bag Cake and Geoffrey"s Pineapple Breeze cocktail.

Season 13, illustration 13 Patriotic Party

The Kitchen"s Patriotic Party kicks off v Jeff Mauro"s GYOB ("Grind Your own Beef") short Rib Burger v Dijoli and brand-new ways to Flavor Bomb condiments. Katie Lee and also Sunny Anderson take hot dogs to the following level, and also lifestyle blogger Rachel Hollis join the party through her Red, White, and Blue Pretzel Salad. The hosts also share No-Fail Party prepare ideas and a DIY Confetti Cannon to do the fourth of July important great!


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