Since carbon atoms are tetravalent (able to kind four bonds), atoms may branch off a carbon atom in as plenty of as four places. The capability of a carbon atom to kind four various bonds enables carbon to type many different sizes and types of molecules. Carbon atoms may kind chains, rings, or combinations of chains and rings. The tetravalence the carbon renders it particularly well-suited to developing the backbone the a substantial diversity of necessary molecules.

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Highlight every the atoms of the four practical groups, yet do not highlight any bonds. Once you click on each atom, it will adjust color. To deselect one atom, click it again. Prior to you submit, inspect that you have not selected any kind of bonds.
A functional group is a team of atom bonded together in a specific means that deserve to replace a hydrogen atom in a hydrocarbon. The molecule presented here contains four functional groups (−OH , −SH , −NH2 , and −OPO2−3 ) attached come a carbon chain that is six carbon atom long.

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Term Functional groups confer details chemical properties to the molecules of which they are a part. In this activity, you will recognize which compounds exhibit particular chemical properties as well as examples the those six different compounds.
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