While sorting her dead grandmother’s affairs, a young mrs boards in an eerie, southern mansion and also soon discovers the matriarch may desire more than simply her company.

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Julie (Suilma Rodriguez) has actually a lot on she plate. Returning home to the dreary misery the a southerly winter, she must take care of her freshly deceased grandmother’s estate. In tow are Julie’s cherubic daughter, Ellie (Andersyn valve Kuren), and also a sordid past with an ext than a few people in town. Therefore sordid in fact, the Julie and also Ellie have nowhere come stay throughout their time that grief and also familial duties. That is till they fulfill Ms. Francis Allen (Janis Duley) who invites castle to stay over in one of the plenty of rooms at her mansion.

Genteel horror ensues in the passively paced new film, The Perfect Host: A southern Gothic story from writer Alaina McClellan Sims and also writer-director Derrick Sims. Here deep, dark secrets lurk behind every locked door and also hospitality is laced with bitter ulterior motives. When the artifice of patience is portrayed by the characters, it is reflected also in the occasionally demanding sluggish beat the the story the will conveniently lose the more impatient. The an ext diligent will certainly be rewarded through a an easy yet efficient gothic tale.


“…deep, dark tricks lurk behind every locked door and hospitality is laced through bitter ulterior motives.”

Julie and also her daughter accept a room in ~ Ms. Allen’s estate and soon informed of the tales of ghosts and also hauntings and all way of southerly scuttlebutt. Among the much more vocal is Julie’s old flame Jonathan (Chase Ryan Jeffery). He’s a nice sufficient guy who has a thing for Julie and who repeatedly makes attempts to market her some stability and also a brand-new life in the old town.

It progressively becomes evident that Ms. Francis is after more than the possibility to humble-brag that she supplies strangers a ar to stay. The keys slowly start unfurling, and soon enough, Julie is protecting both she and her daughter from an ext than simply skeletons in the closet. Tricks are revealed, histories uncovered, and dark secrets from the past percolate to the surface. The real question here is whether or not the pace services or hinders the plot.


“…the pace of a funeral procession the somehow works in donate of the story…”

The Perfect Host: A southerly Gothic Tale is specifically as the states, Southern and gothic. The plot rolfes out v a measure up drawl that may appeal to some, if others might heave sighs the impatience. Rodriguez go a fine job as the girl through a previous returning home to manage business. The actual standout, however, is Janis Dulet together Ms. Allen. Her chirpy voice tinged with a subversive undercurrent are the finest thing in the film.

It should also be listed that the tech side the the movie is remarkably hard with details props going come Bob Nguyen’s composition and also framing the shots. Over there is part beautiful job-related here.

There room no cheap jump scares, no abrupt noises. Because that that, ns must give the film’s an innovative team part respect. They stick to their guns and also deliver a story v the speed of a funeral procession that somehow works in favor of the story, no to cite the setting. This is not exactly what ns would speak to everyone’s glass of sweet tea, however there is something over there worth seeing.

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The Perfect Host: A southern Gothic Tale (2018) directed by Derrick Sims. Written through Alaina McClellan Sims, Derrick Sims. Starring Suilma Rodriguez, follow Ryan Jeffery, Janis Duley.