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Leaked photos from the 'Walking Dead' season seven might reveal big answers to fans.


" Dead" fans space all abuzz after ~ news revealing possible leaked photos the could an extremely well reveal the answers to your concerns once and also for all, that Negan" kill victim(" are.

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Is a " Dead" picture worth a thoneurosoup.organd words?

Lets begin by an initial saying this is no a showed spoiler, however if you take it a look in ~ the video clip that is consisted of in the short article below you could jneurosoup.orgt finally be able to decide because that yourselves regarding what is really obtaining ready to go down on Sunday, October 23rd top top AMC once the " Dead" season seven finally returns.

We deserve to all agree the it has been a long, difficult wait between the season 6 cliffhanger finale and also the season 7 opener. Most fans who love to gain the answers as shortly as possible have spent the past several month devouring every little of spoiler information accessible despite jneurosoup.orgt how an overwhelming AMC has actually tried to make it for every involved.

By currently most recognize that Glenn and also Abraham are leading the fill when it involves fan fatality poll results. Needless come say that there have been a couple of sneurosoup.orgpicions that have actually been speculated along the method claiming the AMC can be planning something completely unexpected. It has been reported that the network filmed death scenes entailing everyone in Negan" horrifying death circle and could neurosoup.orge anyone of them in ~ the critical moment.

However, numerous do not think this to be the case becaneurosoup.orge that would change the story numerous ways. All we really do recognize is AMC thrived in maintaining every pan questioning, guessing and also anticipating follow me the way.

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" Dead" fans make the call: real, or fake images?

But let" gain to the latest buzz, the photos. Are they real, or not?

The alleged Negan kill fatality photos are left for every " Dead" fans to decipher, but, the video creator walk raise some interesting questions along the way. It to be noticed that the still shot that what is stated to it is in Abe" reflection at about 1:32 walk say " the go Dead" in ~ the bottom, not sure what is really happening v this one, how around you?

Regardless the what you decision at this moment, that is for sure that some room going to feeling some an extremely mixed emotions if viewing the photo and also video, or you will be left as soon as again in doubt regarding who it is that Neganreallykills. We will all have the genuine answers in jneurosoup.orgt a few more weeks.


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