I've simply rediscovered this secret I loosely remembered seeing on tv together a kid. The 657 Boulevard Watcher is a mysterious guy who terrorized this family members who bought a nice home to move right into with a collection of threaten letters. The letters make case that he's the third generation of persons watching this house.

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The family prior to them got one letter days prior to they placed it up for sale. Claim it's the just one they've had and that lock assumed it to be a prank or something.

I'm wonder if anybody/anybodies has/have ever gone with the entire background of property of this house and attempted to uncover the answers to this mystery that way.



If girlfriend ask me, based on what I've read subsequently about the family members who moved into the house, the family made this every up and sent the letter to themselves. The husband admitted to leaving watcher-like letter in neighbors' mailboxes after the initial story passed away down.

That said, the ar behind the residence seems creepy, therefore I recognize that it isn't a slam dunk theory.

DNA experimentation on the envelope has not been conclusive. DNA to be found, yet hasn't been matched come anyone. I need to wonder if one of the parents acquired the youngsters to lick the envelope.

But what would they gain from sending the letters to themselves? They refused to relocate in to the house after receiving the very first letter. Lock had already started renovations, and continued renovations, yet never moved in. Then they couldn't market it because that years. Lastly they sold it in ~ a 500K loss. I just don't see a motive because that them...

Curious regarding why you assume the Watcher was a man? The reality the communications were always in letter type made me think it was an ext likely a woman. Delving right into the case further that wouldn't surprise me at every if the Watcher were actually Watchers. The PI rental by the Broaddus family members to investigate figured out the neighbors (plural) "didn't seem normal." This would fit with sophisticated plan flower by locals to force the unwelcome newcomers out of the neighborhood.

A previous FBI profiler who looked right into the instance concluded the letter writer(s) were in your 50s or 60s and also my an initial thought as soon as I check out that was the someone didn't favor the idea the brand-new neighbors were presenting young kids (there to be 3 Broaddus kids) right into their neighborhood. Perhaps it was mainly older folks that didn't treatment for the noise and also antics linked with children living on your street. Just a theory yet at no time did I gain the impression we were handling an yes, really psycho murderer here.

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I think the letters were to plan to get the Broaddus household to move out (or never even move in, which was the yes, really case) and it worked. They at some point sold the property and also the new owners have chosen to stay anonymous. No native yet as to whether or no they've received any letters native the Watcher. My gambling is if they don't have young children, castle haven't. This is just a instance of community bullying yet on severe scale. It's a dead they appear to have gained away v it.