In AC Odyssey there will certainly be an objective in which the main thing you need to do is obtain a full of 7 piece of deer meat together with a few more things.

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The in-game description for The Wild Hunt quest mentions the the lame hunter Akatos stated his daughter, Myrto, had gone into the woods to shot her hand in ~ hunting. However she had actually been gone also long, and also he prospered worried. Alexios agreed to look because that her. AC Odyssey upgrade has also been released after 18 months since its release, just for some pest fixes.Continue reading to know all about this quest.

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AC Odyssey: The Wild Hunt

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The pursuits that you have to finish before The Wild hunting is "The measure of a Man". Listed below mentioned space the goals for the wild hunt.

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Objectives because that The Wild Hunt

1. Speak to the hunter Akatos2. Discover the searching area to find MyrtoFind the girl.3. Speak to MyrtoYou deserve to send her home right far or let her hunt for the very first deer together with you, making her happy.4. Conference deer neck meat x/7For this objective,you will have to gain a complete of 7 pieces of deer meat. There are sufficient deer discovered near the lake.5. Talk to Akatos6. Quest CompletedRewards: rare XP, epos DrachmaeAfter completingThe Wild Huntyou will gain or will be able to getChicken or Egg(1 of 3).

AC Odyssey Guide

Chapter 1 key Storyline Quests: Prologue, So the Begins, debt Collector, an Eye because that an Eye, fancy Guests, Penelope's Shroud, The huge Break.Chapter 2 main Storyline Quests: learning the Ropes, same Employment chance Program, A Journey right into War, The Athenian endowment Trove, Crumble and also Burn, One man Army, The Athenian Leader, The final Push, The wolf of Sparta.Chapter 3 main Storyline Quests: Onwards come Phokis, The Wolf's Fate, line in the Grass, Consulting a Ghost, The truth Will Out, The Serpent's Lair.Chapter 4 key Storyline Quests: storage Awoken, Welcome to Athens, A awful Encounter, Escape indigenous Athens, Ostracized, Perikles's Symposium, Drink Up, Oil and also Love.Chapter 5 key Storyline Quests: To discover a Girl, To assist a Girl, port of Lawlessness, Monger Down, very first Do No Harm, The physician Will see You Now, The clergymans of Asklepios, sufficient is Enough, composed in Stone, A Heart because that a Head, Speak no Evil, Ashes come Ashes, The Island of Misfortune, exit by Gods, and also the highways Run Red, Athens' last Hope.Chapter 6 main Storyline Quests: A Mother's Prayers, Death and also Disorder, Quarry Quandary, The Paros Blockade, merged Front.Chapter 7 key Storyline Quests: residence Sweet Home, Bully the Bullies, One negative Spartan Spoils the Bunch, transporting a Champion, The Contender, The long Game, Pankration, To death or not to Kill, White Lies and also Blackmail, Gluten-Free, Judge, Jury, Executioner, The Conqueror part 1 (The last Fight the Aristaios, The autumn of Deianira, The finish of Drakon, The critical Hunt the Nesaia), The Conqueror component 2 (The fight of Pylos, A Bloody Feast)Chapter 8 key Storyline Quests: doing Time, an Actor's Life for Me, A-Musing Tale, battle of AmphipolisChapter 9 key Storyline Quests: whereby it every Began, Dinner in Sparta

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