together you walk roughly the island, you periodically come across simple puzzle-panels that aren"t attached come anything. Castle all have actually a solitary yellow triangle in them, and also no issue what equipment you give, the puzzle gives a "correct" noise.

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I i think they"re all linked in some kind of bigger puzzle.

Where space they all?What are they for? (spoiler-free if possible)

There is a way to number out where these puzzles room in game. I"ll give some gradual hints around it so girlfriend can shot to uncover it yourself.

Hint 1:

The game has a integrated map what in the people itself (not the boat map!)

Hint 2:

It"s a body of water

Hint 3:

The lake through the town is a map that the whole island

Hint 4:

bright orange pipeline in the lake stand for orange arrowhead puzzles you have actually not found, dark orange leaves stand for ones you"ve found.


MattRix"s answer addresses tracking if you"ve found every one of them but doesn"t address what they"re for. They"re spread out out across the island, and also as MattRix says, the

lake by the town has actually orange leaves you deserve to use to track which ones you"ve found and solved.

What they"re for is purely a indict on the triangle puzzles. If you put them together, you acquire a indict on how the triangle puzzles work. Once you understand that rule, and also get every the lasers,

you deserve to go to the base of the mountain, and also solve a triangle puzzle.

This then unlocks the final difficulty area in the game. The difficulty area itself has one more triangle puzzle the leads come

The Challenge, which if you complete it, earns girlfriend an achievement.


The orange-triangle puzzles deserve to contain number of triangles and not every solution you give is correct as you will certainly see when you encounter brand-new puzzles. Castle act together a tutorial for something big.


The yellow-triangle puzzles space basically tutorials because that more complex puzzles in ~ the later stages of the game. The exact same as you"re taught mechanics of various other puzzles in particular areas through doing sufficient puzzles in stimulate to recognize the logic behind it, these space spread throughout the map, therefore by doing more of them you can figure out this mechanics by your self (how castle work). If girlfriend don"t care around statistics and 100% perfect of the game, execute as lot as you need in order to know rules behind it.

Without discovering the rule of yellow-triangle puzzles, girlfriend won"t it is in able to access many hidden places under the hill (this also includes alternate ending of the game).

Here is the video clip (spoiler!) demonstrating among such puzzles close to ending.


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