The scene I"m working in constantly spams the message There are no audio listeners in the scene. Please ensure there is always one audio listener in the scene. If I add a dummy camera with an Audio Listener, I then gain Tbelow are 2 audio listeners in the scene. Please encertain tright here is constantly precisely one audio listener in the scene.

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I know this happens bereason our electronic camera is developed programmatically, through an audio listener. I also realize this will not affect the non-advancement construct in any type of way.

Is it possible to disable these warnings completely?


$egingroup$ Would you want to add the listener programmatically to the camera at creation? Or you just desire to disable the error message? $endgroup$
$egingroup$ you sassist that the two listeners error comes as soon as you include a listener to the dummy camera. I'm asking if you wanted to include it programmatically to the cam you are adding programmatically, and not have actually the dummy cam at all. But ok, you just want to disable the error. How will certainly you have actually sound then? You desire to use the dummy camera? That would certainly create a lot of weird problems.... $endgroup$
I ended up enabling the Audio Listener on our login cam, then destroying it programmatically when the player video camera spawns (this is what was leading to the issue).

staticCamera= GameObject.Find("StaticCamera").GetComponent(); Destroy(staticCamera.GetComponent());


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