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There is a male with no face and a name i don't rememberLives in a home in the center of the woodsAnd he claimed once, "Son, don't friend laugh out loudFor they room listening, oh they room listeningOh, you've obtained to it is in strongOh, you've got to keep holding onNow it's simply a matter of time."(head because that the hills, go!)They provide the paint for the snapshot perfect masterpiece the you willPaint on the insides of your eyelidsCan you possibly see something you want to see?No, hell no, there's nothing wrong with the way I seeAnd he wanted to be a soldier in the next great warHe want to kill and fight and maim however not it is in told what he to be fighting forThat's the means it's going to have to be, my friendThat's the means it's going to need to be, mine friendI pass a man on the corner in the city yesterdaySinging 'Yada yada yada and also tomorrow it'll end'And I never ever thought I'd live to see an additional sunny dayBut I'm here and also I are afraid I'll be here until the endSo watch your mouth or you're going to do a grave mistakeHold her tongue or you're walk to capture a bullet in the headWatch her mouth or you're walk to make a grave mistakeDon't die for anything much less than the ideal of life
The things they stated went to her headBut you never ever tried come understandWhat they take, you will never ever take backCuz they take what they take it what they can 'cause they deserve to from youYou follow me and also you follow me however you never ask whyAnd i wonder what you're under might this be one more piece that theI don't care, I just do what they sayBecause they speak what to carry out in a issue of reality wayBut don't stop due to the fact that you can get burnedAnd you might just find out to stand on your own two feetAnd ns think the it's neat exactly how you discover to repeatEverything the you listen in the street therefore wellLearn to repeat whatever that friend hear so wellYou learn to repeat every little thing that girlfriend hear for this reason wellOh, and everyone to be resting because they assumed it to be the endAnd also if the wasn't, they made decision to pretendAnd somewhere in the street I can hear the whispering"You can fight every you want, they will certainly win in the end, so"Sometimes in the evening when I'm lie in my bedI am required to the forest to the isolated shedAnd ns wake with his indigenous resonating in my headAnd ns can't protect against thinking around the gist of what he claimed so
Watch her mouth or you're going to make a grave mistakeHold her tongue or you're walking to record a bullet in the headWatch her mouth or you're walk to do a dig mistakeDon't die for anything less than the ideal ofEveryone settles for the rest, no the best ofI will die because that no much less than the best of life
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