This human being is fully Messed-up .... Yet I think I have the right to live v that. My English cover of This Messed-Up Wonderful human being Exists for me by Producer n.k FT.

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Hatsune Miku.Youtube version - https://youtu.be/lu1V2EdwrX8Lyrics :In this fucked-up yet yet really wonderful worldI'm alive so sooner or later I can meet youTonight let's just go crazy until the break of dawn,Just keep every little thing spinning round and roundIn this shitty, however yet really beautiful worldNever look back cause the futures straight aheadJust save dancing, until we all end up being such vast foolsWith everyone sreaming yan yaiI doubt that I deserve to last anymoreHey!yanyayanyayaiya×3(Well ns guess that was kinda the intro....If you want to, join in v the yanyani too...ya know ..if ya want)When your lie's simply keep growing and never seem come endAre they quiet going to be thought about "right" in this human being "Oh well" as now ends lot the exact same as always I wonder what should I have actually for lunch today?Fact: Both Dogs and also cats have the right to climb trees easilyY'know,if you keep fussing over such small thingsJust think if it will acquire you anywhere?In this fucked-up however yet yes, really wonderful worldI remain shut up in mine room and never leaveI can zip all approximately the digital people An interesting future is always thereIn this shitty, yet yet yes, really beautiful worldAll there's to carry out is frolic and also be merryIf two civilization meet,than i guess the is just there fate?Wellp, then i guess that fate is no too bad yan ya yan ya yai ya Hey!(Second fifty percent is up following than i assume)(That your an idiot" smile ya know what i mean, well beat them every up,than lull them)(Let's lighten increase this world, v those big bright smiles)The Delusions of some ill womens fantasiesDo castle still hold such good value in this world?All I can do is keep on wondering around these thingsAhh, ns should move on or I'll be lateBoth Gramps and also Grans simply will no leave me aloneThere wasting away,I'm wasting away, therefore whenIs this shit ever before just going to end?In this fucked-up yet yet yes, really wonderful worldEven Apples will rot far somedayBut there's no need to live in such a gloomy wayI'm certain that I'll survive just okay In this shitty, but yet yes, really beautiful worldHow do you make these things dubbed friends?Though ns guess due to the fact that your right here with me I will be alrightIf only I knew where the hell you were!(So, I just thought that this, but are you the kind to eat her favorite foods items first? or last?)(Hmm........guess it's not really the important)(Well, the second fifty percent is below now, guess us can proceed on now...at your own leisure)Life's therefore jumbled,and so muddled smeared with relocating the i m crying of crowdsJust keeps flowing, that keeps going follow me unknowing of that allAn imperfect, however so perfectthough that's simply what human beings are right?See, five please, five please ns can't relocate or also breath nowand yet ns stand right here just in search of a nice an excellent save suggest Yet that still continues to be as myCareless,but in which method charming life In this fucked-up however yet yes, really wonderful worldI'm alive so someday I can fulfill youTonight let's just go crazy till the break of dawn,Just keep everything spinning round and roundIn this shitty, but yet yes, really beautiful worldAll there's to do is frolic and be merryEven despite I have to not really be saying this butFuck it! Y'know i really love friend all!yan ya yan ya yai yaHIGH!(Hmm...guess the finale's virtually here than.)( male SO plenty of regret's i am thinking of now but)(In the finish ya know)(I think everyone will end up being happy)(Probably?)(I think we should just leave it at that,shall we?)(Um well.....Thanks for Listening everyone)

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