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50 States of Blue’s “Spectacle of Trump” Editor Jeb Lund and also a rotating cast of fellow journalists and assorted comic-writer/attorneys discuss recent political and also sports events through the prism of our damaged and also bizarre online discourse, talk to the occasional famed perboy, and also try to leaven points through a Patreon-exclusive Hallmark Christmas Movie testimonial podactors. It’s very, very effective. Everyone loves it.

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Hosted by Libsyn This podcast might use dynamic content insertion and also supplies a distinctive domainStats: Statistics are produced by Libsyn to help This Week In Atrocity to understand also how many type of downloads it is getting, or exactly how many type of human being are listening. Your device’s IP address and user agent is offered to aid calculate this number. Libsyn is IAB v2 certified.Dynamic content insertion:
Libsyn might use limited data that they recognize about you - the tool you’re utilizing, the approximate place you’re in, or various other data that can be obtained from this, favor the existing weather forecast for your location - to readjust components of the audio. This Week In Atrocity may perform this for heralding or for various other creates of content, favor news stories.This Week In Atrocity is able to use the above devices since its podactors host or measurement agency offers this company. It doesn’t suppose that this individual podactors offers them, or has accessibility to this usability. We use open up data.

This podcast offers a distinct RSS domain. This podcast is the only one that we’re mindful of which offers a domajor of thisweekinatrocity.libsyn.com for its RSS feed. Domains are always visible to anyone that deserve to view your internet website traffic - your internet business provider, employer or also your government - even as soon as you usage HTTPS relations. If your podactors app provides the RSS feed directly, prefer Apple Podcasts, then you deserve to be tracked as a listener to this podcast eextremely time your phone checks for a new episode.Here’s even more about insecure links and also unique domain names.

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Technical adviceThis podcast’s audio is not on an IPv6-enabled domajor. This isn’t an issue for now, but could be in future. (We tested the initial domajor of web traffic.libsyn.com, which might be an analytics prefix.)

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