It’s been a pretty sweet ride here at, but it’s time ns mosey on the end of town and also ride off right into the sunset. Perhaps a couple of of you will certainly be sad come hear i’m leaving. Perhaps some that you room happy to see me go. But me? Well, I’m simply happy I gained to it is in here.

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Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of creating thousands of write-ups here. Some of them discussed pretty well, racking up every those tasty clicks, optimistic comments, social shares, and also recommendations we writers subsist on. And also some of them, well, some of them weren’t so great. No require for me to point them out; y’all currently have. Hey, can not hit a house run every time girlfriend swing the bat—ruins the game.

I gained philosophical v Mid-Week Meditations, convinced human being to questioning me because that my no-bullshit advice with difficult Love, learned how to survive all type of animal attacks, and also hopefully helped human being prepare for the worst nature (and man) needs to offer with my ongoing collection on disasters and other emergencies. I gained to host videos on producing a smart house on the cheap, take it deep dives into the scientific research of happiness, learn and also write around photography, and share tips from my travels roughly the human being to areas like Japan, Cuba, and also Mexico. I also got come share personal struggles, and also express my thoughts on creating itself. In ~, we cover that all, and also that way I literally acquired to write about it all.

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I likewise got to occupational with some supremely terrific people. Civilization I’d favor to thank from the bottom of mine heart. From the editors who took a chance on me and let me operation wild with the crazy concepts in my head, come my fellow writers who uplift my soul and always do their finest to placed out great work—thank you. I appreciate each and also every one of you.