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A couple of years ago, DIRECTVjoined withTiVo to carry viewers the TiVo HD DVR. The TiVo HD DVR gives users the capacity to customize their TV watching suffer by controlling what family members members watch and also by enabling users to watch mirrors in high-definition. There are currently other DVR options from DIRECTV and other cable/satellite TV providers yet TiVo led the way.

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Article Overview


DIRECTV is a satellite television programming firm that offers users a an ext customizable technique to the town hall television. DIRECTV is one American based firm located in El Segundo, California. The company first launched its organization in June the 1994 and also has due to the fact that become a satellite television provider because that the unified States, Latin America and Anglophone Caribbean. As of mid 2014, DIRECTV had actually over 20 million subscribers.


What Is TiVo?

TiVo is a name supplied to reference both the agency responsible for developing TiVo software and the TiVo digital video clip recorder itself. The TiVo device was first introduced by the TiVo firm in 1999 together a method for individuals to customize their tv viewing experience.

The TiVo machine provides an on-screen overview to tv viewers to permit them to use viewing solutions such as the season happen feature and also the Wish list service. The great List function on TiVo also permits users come find an ideal programming through various search features including: actor, director, title, category and also keyword.

TiVo’s season pass feature allows viewers to set up scheduled recordings because that every new episode of a specific series, ensuring that even if viewers are unable come watch your favorite present as that airs, it will document all brand-new episodes for later viewing without getting cluttered through recordings of reruns. In addition to these features, once TiVo is connected to the residence internet, network users deserve to utilize the organization to accessibility downloadable content, view personal photo files, schedule recordings online and use advanced search functions.

Is TiVo Still accessible Through DIRECTV?

DIRECTV appears to have actually discontinued the use of TiVo and the firm is do it complicated to learn an ext about it. If girlfriend click through this link, you’ll view TiVo noted as a recipient option. However, if friend click the “more info” link, you are directed come the Genie page.

This leads united state to think DIRECTV is no longer offering TiVo and the recipient is walk away. If you room considering DIRECTV, you should take into consideration the Genie as a receiver option rather of TiVo. The Genie has many an ext features compared to TiVo.

Comparing TiVo To other DIRECTV Receivers

Standard |HD |Genie Lite | DVR | HD DVR | Genie

TiVo vs The typical DIRECTV Receiver

The DIRECTV standard receiver enables users come customize your channel guides, search up to three and a fifty percent days of TV programming and set up parental controls. The traditional DIRECTV recipient is fully digital. Customers cannot; however, document or schedule any programming. Merely put, the only thing that this receiver has actually in typical with the TiVo recipient is the it allows parents to manage adult contents access.

TiVo vs The HD DIRECTV Receiver

The DIRECTV HD recipient stands except the standard DIRECTV receiver in that it enables users to access a picture resolution of as much as 1080i. The HD recipient also permits viewers to check out 3D television programming on one HD 3D television.

While this receiver does market HD programming options, the is still simply a receiver and also does not act as a DVR — programs can not be recorded. However, choose the new DIRECTV TiVo, this receiver offers parental control of programming as well as HD viewing.

TiVo vs Genie Lite

The Genie Lite enables you to attach up to 8 TVs wirelessly with only one HD DVR. Watch HD TV and also record as much as 5 shows at once. You have the right to watch 2 channels at when too. Keep in mind that friend must have actually the Genie Lite HD DVR Kit to have the ability to do all of these things. So, for each additional TV friend have, friend must have actually a Genie Mini associated to the TV.

TiVo vs DIRECTV DVR Receiver

Unlike the DIRECTV TiVo standard and also HD receivers, the DIRECTV DVR recipient is an ext comparable to the TiVo by providing recording that programming. The DVR receiver also allows for mobile accessibility to DVR setups so that users can collection up routine recordings v smart phones and also other net devices.

This receiver has been called the winner of pc Magazine’s Readers choice Award for the ideal DVR. If this receiver go offer program recording, that does not enable for high-definition recording. This straightforward DVR receiver allows for two hundred hrs of television programming in standard definition (an capability also discovered in the TiVo) in addition to parental regulate of programming.

TiVo vs The DIRECTV HD DVR Receiver

The DIRECTV HD DVR receiver is a step above the DIRECTV HD TiVo recipient in that it offers much more features for programming customization. The HD DVR receiver is comparable to the TiVo recipient in the it deserve to record increase to four hundred hours of programming both in HD and in typical definition.

Like the TiVo, this receiver likewise offers instant accessibility to over seven thousand shows and movies on demand, allows users to check out live television in high-definition and provides parental controls. Above and past those features matched by the TiVo receiver, the HD DVR receiver likewise offers users accessibility to approximately four hundred of the recent movie releases, and also gives individuals the capability to record and also watch programming in any kind of room the the residence with just a solitary HD DVR receiver.

Users through this receiver alternative can also utilize your iPad tablet as a remote control for their television. In 2011, the DIRECTV HD DVR alternative was called the winner of pc Magazine’s Readers’ selection Award for the best DVR.

TiVo vs Genie

DIRECTV Genie does whatever the other HD DVRs do and also more. The Genie is the top tier as soon as it comes to DVRs indigenous DIRECTV. The Genie documents up to 200 hours of HD TV and also it has actually the capability to deliver 4K programming come a 4K TV. Ultimately, if you’re looking for the best viewing experience as well as the many recording options, this is the DVR to go with.

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More around TiVo

TiVo, in its most straightforward form, is what is known as a digital video clip recorder or “DVR”. TiVo is simply a big data storage unit or tough drive that connects come the resource of your tv data, be the cable or satellite dish provider. When TiVo is installed, you have actually the capacity to have actually it record shows for your viewing pleasure on demand. When your desired show comes on, TiVo establish it and begins recording so that you have the right to see it at a later on date.

What provides it even an ext appealing is that you have the ability to either rapid forward with advertisements and also commercials, or simply omit them from the record altogether. In its at an early stage days, TiVo was revolutionary in enabling media viewers to just watch the mirrors that they wanted to, clock them ~ above their own schedule, and also to rationalization the endure by eliminating unwanted ads. A simply brilliant style that met all of the customer needs.

But the is no all TiVo go anymore. Various other companies have entered the DVR marketplace, DIRECTV included, and can provide you the capability to record your favorite programs simply as TiVo does. Therefore TiVo has had to include to your value set by making their company a stand-alone multimedia provider. In enhancement to the hardware include a substantial hard drive, it additionally has the capacity to affix to the internet and also stream content right to her television.

Streaming video and data is a true frontier the the data age. Companies choose Netflix, Hulu, and also Amazon all have streaming video functions that you can access from her computer and other in-home devices. Consumer love the reality that they have the right to browse literally hundreds of choices and also simply click what they desire to see. Now their TiVo boxes deserve to do that as well.

By establishing partnerships with various other companies such together Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and also many others, TiVo can now say the you no much longer need any type of other organization provider to fully enjoy your service. With these other alternatives at her disposal, you can now clock videos on demand in high-definition whenever you want. Friend can likewise download them to your TiVo difficult drive and keep them for viewing at a later date.

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Furthermore, her TiVo box can come to be the worldwide media hub for your entire household. By connecting it come the same network together your PC, you have the right to share files to her TiVo box from your computer hard drive and also potentially currently music or video to your television. You deserve to also access your TiVo account online from literally anywhere in the world and update your preferences. You can tell your TiVo box what you want it to record and also for exactly how long, no issue where you are.