To all of You TabIt"s tuned down however I"m not certain what to. Ns think its a full step yet dont take my wordit.The really strumming pattern would take to lengthy to type and i"m sure you know it anyway>-------------------------------------------------------------------------|>-------------------------------------------------------------------------|>--4--2--------------2--4-------------------------------------------------|>--4--2--5--4--2--5--2--4-----4/3/2----4/3/2---4/3/2--------2-4-2-0-------|>--2--0--5--4--2--5--0--2---2--------2--------2-------0-0-0---------2-----|>--------3--2--0--3-------------------------------------------------------|>-------------------------------------------------------------------------|>-------------------------------------------------------------------------|>-------------------------------------------------------------------------|>--2------2-----2---------------------------------------------------------|>----0-0------------------------------------------------------------------|>------------3-----2------------------------------------------------------|And it is pretty much it! If theres any type of problems or if you figure out what it"s tuned come e-mail me in ~ ! p.s. The reason that it"s therefore shoddilly excellent is it"s my an initial tab! Enjoy!

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To all of You tabs
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