“To catch a Predator” hold Chris Hansen has been hit v an arrest warrant in Michigan after failing to respond to a subpoena in a sex-trafficking case.

According come Michigan’s WLNS 6 News, a Shiawassee County referee issued the warrant Thursday after ~ Hansen did not return materials to a defense lawyer representing among three human being charged with attempting to sexually attack a child between the ages of 13 and also 15.

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TV reporter Hansen, that starred top top the investigative TV collection “To record a Predator” indigenous 2004 come 2007, chalked the situation up to a “miscommunication.”

“The court matter in Shiawasse Co, Mi now resulted from a predator examination there,” he composed Thursday on Instagram.

“Defense lawyers because that accused predator Michael Lott had actually requested video clip from the investigation. There to be miscommunication around a hearing today on the issue. The matter is currently being resolved!”


Former NBC News correspondent kris Hansen, finest known for his “To catch a Predator” investigative segments, will be the brand-new host that the country syndicated news newspaper “Crime watch Daily.”

Hansen’s declare comes number of months ~ a trio of alleged sexual predators to be arrested upon getting here at a hotel v the will of sexually assaulting a teenager. Before their arrest, the defendants had actually been unwittingly connecting online with a team of undercover policemans who i ordered it the hotel setup.

The sting procedure in Shiawassee County each other the sort of investigations Hansen helmed when hosting “To capture a Predator.” The NBC Dateline regimen saw adult pose as young adolescents on the internet to lure potential sex-related predators into police ambushes caught by hidden cameras.

Late last year, Hansen released the podcast “Predators i’ve Caught,” in i m sorry he mirrors on standout moments from the NBC collection and updates listeners on the subjects’ existing activities.

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New episodes of “Predators I’ve captured With kris Hansen” are available Mondays on apologize Podcasts and other audio platforms.