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The ____ is no a component of a data series.

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category name
The ____ is the only among the complying with charts come compare family member values from different categories to the whole. pie
To occupational with a title or other individual element of a chart, choose the ____ tab. layout
The ____ Chart tools contextual tabs appear on the Ribbon once you choose a chart. design, layout and also format.
The ____ dialog box provides options for relocating charts in between worksheets and chart sheets. Move Chart
Placing a graph in a ____ displays only the chart and also no worksheet cells. chartsheet
To relocate or resize an installed chart, ____. select a chart and drag choice box, and also drag size handles top top the choice box.
Depending top top the pie graph layout you choose, you can ____. hide or screen chart title, display chart legend, add percentages to pie slices.
To reposition the legend to the left-hand next of a chart, click the Legend button, and also then click ____. show legend at left.
____ is no an obtainable formatting category for legends. shading
____provide descriptive message for the individual data markers, such together pie slices. data labels
The brand Position choice in the format Data brand dialog box has ____. center , within end, or exterior end
Since each part of a pie represents a different value in the series, friend ____. must official each slice separately
To move one slice of a pie chart away from the pie create a(n) ____. exploded pie chart.
You already created a heat chart, however now decide that you desire to adjust this chart to a pie chart. To carry out this, you click ____ from the form group in the chart Tools architecture tab. change graph type.
A 90° ____ worth exaggerates the 3-D effect, making far-off objects appear very small. perspective
You have the right to use the 3-D Format choices to include drop shadows, raised or beveled corners, and also textured surface that give the illusion the ____ reflecting off the chart elements. light
If you carry out not desire a graph to reflect brand-new values in the data source, you must ____. paste chart together a picture.
To display screen a big number of categories whose values room close to one another, friend should develop a ____ chart. column or bar
A ____ acts prefer a heat on a ruler, do it much easier to read a chart’s scale. major mite mark.
One benefit of breaking up a sparkline team is the Excel can screen each sparkline based upon the ____ values connected with the individual sparkline’s data series. maximum and minimum.
In a pillar chart, you have the right to ____. add a gradient fill to columns, reduce void width in between columns, change appearance of datamarkers.
In Excel, inputting ____ in the layout Code: box would result in that month’s complete name being displayed on a chart. MMMM
To display Mar 17, 2008 as a custom format, friend would kind ____ in the format Code: box in Excel. MMM DD, YYYY
To specify the name of a brand-new data collection and its selection of data values, usage the ____ dialog box. edit series.
=‘Trolley Schedule’!$A$2:$C$12 identifies a ____. chart data range
From the format Data collection dialog box, you have the right to ____ as a marker Option. select a built-in marker type, select data marker type, select size of data marker
On a 3-D chart, the ____ to represent the object’s depth. Z-axis
If you choose a chart’s series and look at the formula bar, the formula being displayed uses the ____ function. series
Edward Tufte was pertained to with what the termed together “chart ____,” in which a proliferation of chart elements—chosen since they look “nice”—confuse and also distract the reader. junk
Edward Tufte stated that ____ ink is any part of the chart the does not convey information about the data. non-data
A tower sparkline have the right to be ____. inserted everywhere within the workbook, can represent data from numerous rows or several columns.
A graph sheet have the right to contain ____, allowing you to display screen several charts at as soon as within a solitary sheet. embedded charts
Rotation choices for a chart enable you to rotate the ____. x-axis, y-axis, perspective
A(n) ____ chart is similar to a line chart, yet uses a fill shade to shade areas under the lines. area
In Excel charts, the Legend alternatives dialog box permits you to adjust all the following except ____. font size.
If you have actually chosen external End, Percentage, and Show Leader Lines, girlfriend are setting options in the ____ box. label options.
Because that the intuitive distortion the can result with 3-D charts, you have to ____. include data labels with all 3-D charts
With 3-D rotation, girlfriend can change a chart’s ____ rotation, perspective, depth
In the layout Axis dialog box, picking Fixed 0.10 for the minor Unit will result in ____. minor mite marks show up at 10% intervals.
To to fill a shaft with a mix of colors in a shaft chart, you would pick ____ indigenous the to fill options. gradient fill.
In Excel, Axis Options allow you to specify ____. axis type, where vertical axis crosses and axis position
To format an separation, personal, instance sparkline, choose the sparkline you desire to format, and then click the Ungroup button in the team group on the Sparkline devices ____ tab. design
The first step in creating a mix chart is to ____. select data collection in an existing chart the you want to show up as one more chart type.
The ____ is a rectangle-shaped area the labels the markers or symbols supplied in a chart. legend.

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To include an axis to a sparkline, click the Axis switch in the ____ group on the Sparkline Tools design tab, and also then click display Axis. group