Can"t send no fourteen year-old boy to no institution The only thing ns learned in the years I operated on mine daddy"s farm Was, "son, you better get them crops in once it turns cool." In the magazines, I witnessed the nude women

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i heard around the drinkin" and the bars If my daddy could"ve caught me, he"d a-killed me he said, "you can run, boy, yet you ain"t gonna get far." i hit town or you might say that it struggle me following mornin" over there were points I knew an ext about The mrs who had actually taken me in said, "country boy, you"re every right." The same way I turned her on, she turn me out The very first law ns broke, ideal away they acquired me I helped them build the nation roads because that awhile
they fed me 2 times a day and also knocked me down around four for thirty days ns didn"t even crack a smile ns met a nice girl and also she stated I to be her baby She permit me go and would never tell me why i learned what it way to be somebody"s infant They let girlfriend lie in her bed by yourself and cry The miles were great but the usage is turnin" my hair gray
I"ve met some people that knew me and call me girlfriend Ain"t no sense in wantin" mine life come live end I"d find different ways to do those mistakes again for this reason let me speak this, I never ever tried come hurt anybody Though i guess there"s a couple of that i still couldn"t look in the eye If I"ve obtained one wish, i hope it rain at my funeral for once, I"d prefer to it is in the only one dry





I love rain, always have, I"d be rather pleased if it rained on mine funeral day but I"d never know!! great ole boy Tom T. Hall!

I to be wondering if y"all could assist me.I"ve been trying to find a negative Tom T Hall song for end 50 years with no luck.

You heard of Wayland Jennings. Friend heard the George Jones. Please let the Juke joints right into trad provide this Cat part airing.

For 30 days i forgot exactly how to smile,,,If I might live mine life over, I"d probably walk down that very same old road,,,again, also knowing wherein it would certainly end,,

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My father from Ireland came out as a child 1 brother 2 sister the old guy in the sky was what he loved rain to be what a actual farmer sought live long and also rest in the halls of ours fathers newest man to stand tall Tony

"When mine time comes, I desire to be hidden face down. So anybody who doesn"t like me, can kiss mine ass!" Red Forman