Basic Functionality

Every time girlfriend die, a tomb is placed at your position. Come retrieve your items simply break the grave. Over there is also a config option to get your items ago by sneaking on the grave (1.16.3+ only).

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Sorting (1.16.3+)

because version 1.16.3-2.0.0 the grave is now able to store your items earlier into their original slots.

The Obituary

Everytime you dice you gain an obituary. If girlfriend don"t desire that you have the right to disable it in the config.

It contains:

The name of the player The measurement the player passed away in The date the player passed away The collaborates where the player died photo of the player with its devices at the time of death A list of every item the player had when he passed away

If friend don"t want to save the obituary after friend recovered her items, friend can permit the automatically removal in the config.

Naming the Grave

If you rest the grave with silk touch, you get it dropped together an item. Friend can likewise craft graves.

naming the grave in one anvil, allows you to have actually custom text displayed on her grave.


There are numerous things you can change in the configs:

The color of the message on the dig If the skull top top the grave must be rendered even if it is you want to get the obituary on fatality The plocks the can acquire replaced by a tomb If the death note should obtain removed kind the players inventory when breaking a grave If only the owners of the grave should have the ability to break the If a ghost that the player need to spawn once breaking the grave If the ghost must be friendly and also defend the player or if the should assault the player If the grave have to get damaged when sneaking ~ above the dig If the item should obtain sorted back into their original slots as soon as breaking the grave

Recovering lost Items (1.16.3+)

If you somehow shed your items you can recover them v the recuperate command.

The syntax is /restore .

The parameter "player" is the player who inventory should get restored.

The parameter "death_id" is the id of the death. You can uncover it the end by enabling progressed tooltips (F3 + H) and opening the obituary. The death ID additionally gets written right into the logs if a tomb couldn"t obtain placed.

The critical parameter defines if you want to obtain the players inventory replaced (Overwritten) or included (Just add to the items come the football player existing inventory).

girlfriend can also get a pre made regain command through sneaking and also right-clicking the obituary together an admin.

Edge Cases

If you dice inside a block, the tomb is inserted at the following empty room above your location. If there is no cost-free block above your position, or girlfriend are above the construct limit, your items drop as usual.

If you loss into the void, the dig is placed at Y=1.

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If there is no complimentary space that will obtain placed at the next complimentary spot above.