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Looking to view if anyone has the download instructions out of the service manual on the speak specs because that the Upper and also Lower manage arms because that the former end. I"ll be installing the new Lower manage arms and JBA HD UCA"s morning morning and need anything ns can obtain with the proper specs because that a 2007 XK 4.7 liter. Ns would have started tonight however the dealer offered me a few wrong bolts/nuts that ns ordered a few days ago.
2007 4.7 Liter XK | front OME MD Springs w/Superlift Preload Spacer | rear 4" Superlift Springs | Bilstein 5125 rear Shocks | JBA UCA"s | Rusty"s Rear flexible Track Bar | black color Rock 997 wheel | Fred Goeske 1/4 customs Wheel Spacers | 305/70R17 Goodyear Wrangler MT/R w/Kevlar | airflow Snorkel | Flowmaster 40 series Muffler | Superchips Flashpaq | Mopar Skids | 4xGuard ship Guard | American Rebel behind Diff cover | behind Powertrax No-Slip | prior E-Locker | behind Heat/AC Delete

i simply did my UCAs last weekend...Upper:1. Download the upper regulate arm (5) to the vehicle.2. Download the nut and bolt (1) securing the upper controlarm (5) to the body and tighten come 108 N·m (80ft lbs)3. Download the upper sphere joint (2) into the knuckle (3).4. Install the upper round joint retaining nut (4) andtighten the nut to 95N·m (70 ft.lbs.).Lower:1. Place the lower suspension arm right into the cradle.2. Download the rear bolts (2) and flag nuts (3) to securethe lower manage arm (1) to the frame, Tighten thebolts (3) to 88 N·m (65 ft lbs).3. Download the nut and bolt for the front of the lowercontrol eight Tighten come 169 N·m (125 ft lbs).
I would likewise turn the bolts approximately on the uca like i and also many others have done, this method next time you need to remove them you dont need to mess through the struts and springs
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