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Welcome come the A full War Saga: fall OF THE SAMURAI internet manual.

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You have the right to use the Contents menu top top the left come skip straight to the ar you"re feather for. Alternatively, click the Enter button to accessibility the manual, and also use the Next and also Previous buttons come navigate page by page.

Can"t find what you"re looking for? There"s even much more information in the FAQs and ReadMe: you can view them using the buttons at the optimal of the screen.

Warnings & Ratings

Important health Warning around Playing video Games

Photosensitive Seizures

A very tiny percentage of human being may suffer a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, consisting of flashing lights or patterns that may show up in video games. Even human being who have no background of seizures or epilepsy may have actually an undiagnosed condition that can reason these “photosensitive epileptic seizures” while watching video games.

These seizures may have actually a variety of symptoms, including lightheadedness, altered vision, eye or challenge twitching, jerking or shaking of eight or legs, disorientation, confusion, or temporary loss that awareness. Seizures may additionally cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury indigenous falling under or striking surrounding objects.

Immediately avoid playing and consult a medical professional if friend experience any type of of these symptoms. Parents must watch for or ask their children around the above symptoms—children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience these seizures. The danger of photosensitive epileptic seizures might be decreased by acquisition the following precautions: Sit farther from the screen; usage a smaller sized screen; pat in a well-lit room; and also do not play as soon as you are drowsy or fatigued. If you or any kind of of her relatives have a background of seizures or epilepsy, top a doctor prior to playing.

Precautions to take during use

Sit a good distance far from the monitor.Avoid play if you are worn down or have not had much sleep. Make certain that the room in i beg your pardon you room playing is well lit. Remainder for at the very least 10 come 15 minutes every hour while play a video game.


As component of the heavy steam download process, the video game has currently been set up on your computer. To begin playing the game, review the Getting started section.

Getting Started

Double-click ~ above the Steam applications icon. Through default this is located in the Applications folder on your computer"s hard drive.

If you room not already signed in, the Steam Login dialog will certainly appear. Enter your account name and password, then select Login.

The Steam application will launch. Choose the Library tab.

In the library, to mark Total War: SHOGUN 2 in the list of games on the left-hand next of the window, then pick Play.

The A total War Saga: autumn OF THE SAMURAI pre-game Options window will appear. Click the Play button. The game will launch.

After the loading screens, the Main Menu will certainly appear. Place the mouse cursor end the Single Player icon till a new menu appears.

Place the mouse cursor over the New project icon till a new menu appears.

Select Fall that the Samurai.

The Fall of the Samurai campaign screen will appear. ~ above this screen, girlfriend can adjust your project settings and also choose your clan. Once you room happy through your settings, select Start Game.

After the opening video, friend will find yourself in a divided Japan, teetering top top the brink of polite war…


The sun rises on a brave new Japan.

It is 1864 and Japan is steaming right into the modern-day age; to form its future, you need to take command. Top top the battlefield present your mastery that real-time tactics, while away from it, use turn-based campaign strategy to direct urgent politics reform and oversee rapid industrialization.

Take benefit of the readjust you create; pit Gatling guns against hand-forged steel katanas and launch torpedoes against wooden-hulled ships in spectacular clashes of medieval weaponry and also mechanized warfare. Drive modernization further and faster by investing in civil advancement and new technologies the will open a civilization of chance to her nation.


The default keyboard configuration is comprehensive below; these controls have the right to be customized by choosing OptionsControls indigenous the Main Menu. Please note that the instructions in this hands-on refer to the default controls; if you have customized your controls, the instructions will certainly no longer apply.

As part of plenty of commands, A total War Saga: fall OF THE SAMURAI calls for you come right-click. If you space using a Magic mouse or a Trackpad, your second click may not be triggered by default: see have the right to I beat A complete War Saga: autumn OF THE SAMURAI using my Magic computer mouse or Trackpad? in the faqs for comprehensive instructions on exactly how to enable second click.

If you have actually a quick keyboard, you will need to use modifier keys for particular commands. Because that instructions on exactly how to perform this, check out My quick keyboard does no have details keys. How deserve to I use the game regulates that are mapped come them? in the FAQs.



Toggle sound effectsAlt (⌥) + X
Toggle musicAlt (⌥) + M
Select allControl (ctrl) + A
Select next.
Select previous,
Cancel orderBackspace (←)
EncyclopediaControl (ctrl) + F11

Campaign Map

Show diplomatic relationsK
Show clan monitoring panelL
Show an innovation / mastery the the artsM
Show finance panelN
End turnReturn (↩) / Numpad go into (⌤)
Toggle character movement speedSpace
Disband selectionControl (ctrl) + P
Quick saveControl (ctrl) + S
Quick loadControl (ctrl) + L
Auto unify unitsControl (ctrl) + M
Zoom to homeHome (↖)
Repair structures / shipsR
Default camera rotationEnd (↘)

↑ PreviousNext ↓


Game / UI ControlsGroup FormationsNaval group Formations
Cycle fight speedControl (ctrl) + T
Change radar map sizeJ
Show deployment imagesSpace
Toggle radar visibilityO
Toggle battle UIK
Toggle an initial person modeH
Toggle pauseP
Double LineAlt (⌥) + 1
Grand BatteryAlt (⌥) + 2
Cavalry heavy RightAlt (⌥) + 3
Cavalry heavy LeftAlt (⌥) + 4
Melee FrontlineAlt (⌥) + 5
Artillery cross FireAlt (⌥) + 6
Line AsternAlt (⌥) + 1
Line AbreastAlt (⌥) + 2
Unit / team Controls
WithdrawControl (ctrl) + F5
Group / ungroup unitsG
Lock / unlock group formationControl (ctrl) + G
Toggle melee modeF
Toggle fire in ~ willShift (⇧) + 2
Toggle runR
Special ability slot 1-7Shift (⇧) + 1-7
Increase rank<
Increase file>
Step unit / group backwards/
Step unit / team forwards"
Rotate unit / group leftL
Rotate unit / group right;
Zoom come unitEnd (↘)
Create group 1-10Control (ctrl) + 1-0
Select team 1-101-0
Additional navy Unit ControlsSelection Controls
Decrease sail<
Increase sail>
Sail forward"
Repair shipR
Toggle boardingB
Fire broadside forwardAlt (⌥) + W
Fire broadside leftAlt (⌥) + A
Fire broadside rightAlt (⌥) + D
Select every siege weapon unitsControl (ctrl) + B
Select all melee unitsControl (ctrl) + I
Select all mounties unitsControl (ctrl) + C
Select every missile unitsControl (ctrl) + M
Deselect allReturn (↩)
Zoom to and also select generalHome (↖)

Camera Controls

Move front fastNumpad 8
Rotate upV or Numpad +
Rotate downC or Numpad -
Camera upX or Numpad *
Camera downZ or Numpad /
Toggle move fast§
Speed increase cameraPage up (⇞)
Slow down cameraPage down (⇟)
Rotate leftQ or Numpad 4
Rotate rightE or Numpad 6
Strafe leftA or Numpad 1
Strafe rightD or Numpad 3
Move forwardW or Numpad 5
Move backS or Numpad 2
Increase camera rotation speedShift (⇧) + page up (⇞)
Decrease camera rotation speedShift (⇧) + page down (⇟)
Zoom to unitEnd (↘)
Intelligent zoomN
Toggle trackingDelete (⌦)
Context camera\


Toggle chat entryY
Toggle player listU
Chat with everyoneShift (⇧) + G
Chat with teamShift (⇧) + T
Standard pingF5
Move pingF6
Attack pingF7
Defend pingF8
Voice chatControl (ctrl) + Q


New players - start Here

If you’ve never played a Total War game before, the ideal place to begin is v the video game tutorial movies. The tutorials will present you to the three main sections that the game: the campaign, land battles and also naval battles.

To watch the tutorials, place your computer mouse over the Single Player icon in the Main Menu, then choose Tutorials indigenous the food selection that appears.

The video game provides two additional forms of aid beyond the tutorials: an advisor system and also an encyclopaedia.


Your in-game torture will administer help v controls and also game principles as you play. They"ll jump in to offer helpful comments at timely moments.


The encyclopaedia is a comprehensive resource of information that covers virtually all elements of the game. Girlfriend can access it by clicking the Total war Encyclopaedia button in the top-left corner of the display screen during a game, or by pushing Control (ctrl) + F11.

You will likewise find a Total battle Encyclopaedia button top top most information panels in the game: clicking one of these buttons will certainly take you directly to the encyclopaedia entry most relevant to the dashboard you to be viewing.

When the town hall an encyclopaedia page, use the hyperlinks (indicated by message highlighted in white) to access other pages in the encyclopaedia.

Experienced players - start Here

If you have play a Total War video game before, then you"re more than likely ready come leap right right into the fray! However, before you attract your katana and also make short, bloody work of her enemies, you could want to review the What"s New? section of this manual. It describes important differences between A full War Saga: loss OF THE SAMURAI and also earlier title in the series.

You should likewise be cautious when selecting your very first clan. No all clans and also their beginning positions space equal. A clan the starts in a edge of the map or on one island is simpler to play 보다 one in the center of Japan, if only because there will be fewer surrounding enemies to confront early in the game.


How come Win

A total War Saga: loss OF THE SAMURAI is the story of the war between the Shogun, the armed forces leader of Japan, and the Emperor, the in the name hereditary ruler. Every clan ultimately lent your to one or the other.

As your clan prospers, that fame will increase. Fame is a measure up of a clan"s power, notoriety, honor and political clout. As soon as your clan"s call reaches a details level, you should decide even if it is to stand v either the Emperor or the Shogun, or whether to become independent, thereby proclaiming war versus the remainder of Japan. Whatever your choice, the target is to hold together Japan under one rule.

Historically, the Boshin War finished in success for the Emperor and his neurosoup.orgers, and the centuries-old shogunate was cast aside.

That"s history. It"s up to you to decision whether background should repeat itself…


What’s New?

If you’ve played a Total War video game before, welcome back!

You probably know all over there is to know about the Total War series, but a couple of things have readjusted in A total War Saga: fall OF THE SAMURAI.

Total War: SHOGUN 2 was set during a time as soon as swords, bows and also horsemen conquered the battlefield. War in A full War Saga: autumn OF THE SAMURAI is a somewhat various proposition: contemporary guns and artillery have tiny respect because that courage and also honor. Order timeless Spear Levies to fee at some well-placed Gatling guns and you"ll soon have a vivid demonstration of specifically what “little respect” means!

For this reason, you could want to invest a few minutes analysis the sections the follow, which explain the differences between this and previous Total War games.



Naval Bombardment

Naval bombardment enables fleets ~ above the project map to assault land targets in two ways.

Firstly, a fleet have the right to be ordered come attack surrounding enemy armies, ports and settlements; this happens automatically if a target is in ~ range, however you have the right to order the fleet to bombard a specific target if friend wish. This is valuable for “softening up” a settlement before an attack. Fleets can’t bombard anything if they room docked at a harbor or blockading an opponent port.

Secondly, a fleet can administer naval fire during a floor battle.


Port war & coastal Defences

The boosting size and also accuracy the artillery during the nineteenth century was remarkable: new guns and fortifications offered admirals pause.

Gun batteries close to ports prevent any type of fleets native landing troops in a province. To placed troops ashore, coastal defences must first be eliminated by attack the port. Alternatively, you can use an agent to sabotage the port and its defences.

During any kind of port battle, coastal defences will fire in of the defending fleet.

As harbor develop, their seaside defences also improve. Army ports, as you can expect, have actually the ideal defences.

At the end of each turn, any kind of enemy fleet within range of coastal defences (as shown on the campaign map) will endure attrition.



Railways served to knit with each other the disparate regions of big countries throughout the nineteenth century, changing the way that human being thought about time and also distance.

You deserve to speed up the movement of troops across your districts by building railways. However, they can only be constructed in provinces with the “railway” speciality, which enables you to construct the crucial telegraph offices and railway stations.

Once provinces have railway stations, you have the right to use the railway to relocate troops quickly between them. Choose an military or agent, right-click ~ above a station, and also select a location to move there instantly.

If you have military accessibility to another clan"s territory, you will also be able to use their railway network.

Rail travel deserve to be hindered by agents sabotaging railway stations or armies destroying them.


Modernization & Clan Development

The Boshin war was a time of readjust and vary in every spheres that Japanese life. Both the Shogun and also the Emperor knew that Japan would have actually to embrace foreign, modern-day ways if it was to survive and prosper, but neither next relished the prospect of abandoning Japan’s traditions.

You deserve to track your clan"s development using the Clan development panel. To open up the panel, click the Clan development button in the lower-right edge of the screen. Her clan"s level of development is shown on the left-hand side of the panel. Improving your infrastructure and civil buildings will increase your level that development.

This will likewise increase her level the modernization, i m sorry is important to recruit details units. This can reason unrest among traditionalists and also possibly even provoke a rebellion by classic samurai warriors.

It is feasible to develop along timeless lines through avoiding contemporary research and also buildings, and also constructing and upgrading classic buildings, such together inns. Without modern technology, girlfriend will have an “old fashioned” army, however this deserve to still be surprisingly effective and also will not cause discontent because of modernization.

Your choice of even if it is to modernize her clan or remain traditional is completely separate from your clan’s allegiance come the Shogun or the Emperor. See Allegiance for an ext information.

Clan Fame

Your clan"s reputation is a measure up of your progress throughout a project as viewed, depending upon your allegiance, by the Emperor or the Shogun. It is figured out by how plenty of provinces girlfriend control, your battles lost and won, the personal honor of your clan’s lord, and some of the buildings you have developed or control.

Fame is double-edged sword: while it indicates that your clan is prospering, your fame will at some point increase to the allude that the Emperor or Shogun will start to check out you as a potential risk to your rule. You will certainly then be forced to pick whether come officially declare your or renounce your allegiance and also become an independent republic, attempting to hold together Japan under your own rule. At that point, you efficiently declare battle on every the clans v an opposing allegiance. You may likewise find that your people do not totally agree through your choice…


The population of each province has one allegiance come the Shogun or the Emperor. To watch a province"s allegiance, double-click on the settlement in a district to open its information panel.

A province"s allegiance deserve to be affected by “Shinsengumi” or “Ishin Shishi” agents. These agents don’t need to do anything in a province: their visibility alone is enough to persuade or intimidate the regional civilians into for the imperial court (in the situation of the Ishin Shishi) or the shogunate (in the case of the Shinsengumi). Save an eye the end for agents lurking in her lands, an especially if friend don’t desire your population’s allegiance to be unduly swayed. You can, of course, usage them in your own home territory to keep the commitment of her people.

Your clan has its very own allegiance, which may differ native the allegiances of your individual provinces. Each clan beginning the game with an allegiance to the Emperor or Shogun, but this can be readjusted once during your daimyo"s lifetime. Girlfriend can change your allegiance in the Clan management panel, under the Family & board of directors tab, by clicking the Convert Allegiance button.

Government Posts

As a clan’s fame increases, one-of-a-kind commissions are unlocked. Each of these represents a government write-up or role that have the right to be offered to a general, such as “chief of staff” or “comptroller”.

You deserve to assign commissions in the Clan management panel, under the Family & the supervisory board tab. Select a basic to view the accessible commissions.

Once assigned come a general, commissions provide a variety of helpful effects. Because that example, the comptroller improves the clan"s accounting, decreasing upkeep costs, boosting tax revenue and also improving the clan’s economic growth.


There room three new agents in A full War Saga: fall OF THE SAMURAI: the “Ishin Shishi”, the “Shinsengumi” and the “Foreign Veteran”.

The Ishin Shishi is only accessible to clans who the Emperor; one of his strength is persuading the world to the Emperor’s cause. The Shinsengumi is only accessible to clans that the Shogun; his powers incorporate converting world to the Shogun"s cause.

The foreign Veteran is a army advisor. The is may be to mitigate recruitment expenses in districts you control, damage enemy militaries and an obstacle other agents to a duel.

Agents have different uses and abilities indigenous those in Total War: SHOGUN 2. Old favorites, choose the Geisha, have actually slightly altered abilities and skills. Every agents and also generals can gain new retainers suitable to the nineteenth-century setup of the game.


Land Battles

Multiple militaries in Battle

You deserve to now manage up to 40 systems in a battle, and multiple militaries can join pressures in the same battle.

Your very first army (the one that initiates a fight or is attacked by an adversary initiating a battle) is deployed normally; the 2nd enters the fight together reinforcements, and you can offer orders come the component units once they go into the battle.

A 2nd row of unit cards will appear at the bottom that the screen when there are an ext than 20 systems in battle.

If you already have 40 units in a battle, any extr units that might enter together reinforcements will need to wait for a unit already in battle to be damaged or leave the battlefield.

Naval Fire

Naval fire from adjacent fleets have the right to be referred to as in by generals together a special capacity during a battle. To usage naval fire, there should be a familiar fleet nearby that consists of ships with suitable guns. If naval fire is available, a manage panel will show up on the right-hand next of the display screen during the battle.

Naval is a an excellent way of destructive the countryside and an foe army, however there space a couple of things that you have to bear in mind. Firstly, when naval fire starts, it can not be stopped. If the foe moves out of the fire zone, your ships will continue to pummel the landscape. Secondly, naval fire in the so late nineteenth century wasn’t particularly accurate: don"t be surprised if you end up taking damages from your own guns!

First-person Gunnery

You have the right to take direct command of any type of artillery unit or ship and fire its firearms from a first-person perspective. To carry out so, select a unit, then press the H key to go into first-person mode. In first-person mode, move the mouse to aim, and also left-click come fire.

Grouping Units

Grouping has adjusted slightly. Soil units and also ships will certainly not behave together a team until girlfriend select and also lock your formation. To do so, choose a number of units, push the G key to type them right into a group, then pick a formation by clicking among the development buttons that appear.

A team of units will climate march or exercise while maintaining their formation. With a team selected, friend can adjust formations utilizing the on-screen buttons.

Battle Realism

The fight realism setting is now independent from the campaign an obstacle setting.

To turn fight realism setting on, mite the Battle Realism mode checkbox before starting a campaign or battle.

Towers: focused Fire

Towers would formerly fire at every targets around them, however they deserve to now it is in ordered to focus all their efforts against a certain target. To carry out so, pick a tower and also right-click ~ above the adversary unit you desire it come attack.


Naval Battles

Steam-powered ship & Ironclads

Many that the contemporary ships in A full War Saga: loss OF THE SAMURAI carry out not rely on the wind come move, instead using heavy steam power because that propulsion.

Not all vapor ships are ironclads, but all ironclads space steam-powered. Ironclads the this period were wooden ships with iron armor-plating, for this reason iron “clad”, yet entirely iron vessels were being created by european navies. Be conscious that ironclads are extremely tough opponents, and also will shrug off most assaults from timeless vessels.

Explosive Shells

Many large-caliber weapons on larger ships and ironclads can fire explosive and also armor-piercing shells and also solid shot. These deserve to be most reliable against certain targets.

Coastal Defences

If a harbor is attacked while a fleet is moored there, a siege battle will take it place. If there space any coastal defences built in the province, these will help the defending fleet.

Coastal defences will automatically select their own targets during a fight. However, you can issue specific orders if you favor by selecting coastal defences and right-clicking the opponent ship to attack. That is also possible to enter first-person setting to fire seaside defences directly.


Ramming & Torpedoes

As the ironclad’s armor confirmed to it is in an efficient defence native gunfire, delivery designers started to add rams come the former of a ship’s hull, an ancient but mostly abandoned practice, to carry out another kind of attack in marine encounters.

Ramming have the right to be damaging when supplied effectively, yet requires careful preparation. To ram, select an ironclad and also click the Ramming button. When you’ve offered the order come ram, you’ll be unable to change the ship’s heading, therefore make certain you put it top top the best course beforehand.

Torpedoes are a new type of ranged attack accessible to particular ships. They room extremely reliable when lock strike true, typically sinking the target, however they require treatment to use successfully. Torpedoes throughout this duration are not “homing” weapons: it’s feasible for a target to swerve away from a spread of torpedoes. It’s also feasible to struggle your own ships once firing torpedoes, for this reason be cautious where girlfriend aim!


Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer Tutorials

There are brand-new multiplayer tutorials for you to watch. If friend haven’t play a Total War multiplayer video game before, us strongly recommend the you clock the tutorials before you start playing. Win is a lot simpler to attain when you understand all the weapons you have actually at her disposal!


New Avatars & conquest Map

The avatar is now ideal to the Boshin battle period, complete with new skills and new units to command.

There is also a brand-new conquest map that reflects the game"s nineteenth-century setting.

Mix Boshin & Sengoku floor Units

You have the right to mix and also match Boshin War-era land units and also units indigenous the initial Total War: SHOGUN 2 video game in battles. However, you can not fight battles in between Boshin-era and also Sengoku-era ships. It would be completely unfair for rowing watercrafts to walk up versus ironclads!



Every effort has been made to do A total War Saga: autumn OF THE SAMURAI compatible with current hardware. However, if you are experiencing troubles when running A full War Saga: autumn OF THE SAMURAI, please read on.

Contacting Feral

If the faqs and/or updates do not deal with your problem, then please feel cost-free to call us. The complying with information have to be acquired before contacting Feral technical

The error message presented when the problem developed (if any).A Total war SHOGUN 2 Report.txt file. This contains:An Apple device Report of your MacAny crash logs the exist for A complete War Saga: loss OF THE SAMURAIA list of the game"s contents

All the information compelled can be derived by opening A full War Saga: autumn OF THE SAMURAI and clicking top top the tab in the A full War Saga: autumn OF THE SAMURAI pre-game Options window. In the tab, click the Generate Report button. As soon as the report is created it will show up as a record in the game"s Preferences folder; click on the Open choices Folder button to open the Preferences folder. Now click the Create email button. Mental to attach the Total battle SHOGUN 2 Report.txt file to her email.

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In your email, please encompass a quick description of the problem you have experienced with A complete War Saga: loss OF THE SAMURAI.