Traeger pellet grills are a straightforward way to prepare food and also include that extremely sought-after smoky flavor.However before, once you start utilizing a Traeger pellet grill more frequently, you may alert this “smoke” establishing instead of a temperature establishing.So carry out we must put the pellet grill on “smoke” setting to have actually it smoke the food? And is it feasible to cook somepoint on the “smoke” setting?Food can be cooked on the smoke establishing, but, a temperature setting is usually a better option to choose. The smoke setting on Traeger pellet grills is intfinished to begin the grill by igniting the pelallows. When in “smoke” mode, the pellet grill will certainly feed in pelallows for 15 seconds and wait 65 secs (factory default) before repeating the cycle.

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The temperature in smoke setting will certainly be everywhere from 150°F to 180°F so food can be cooked or smoked at this temperature. However, Traeger pellet grills will produce smoke at any setting so the smoked establishing does not need to be schosen to smoke food.When food preparation or cigarette smoking food on the “smoke” establishing, make certain to adjust the p-establishing so that the Traeger is preserving the correct temperature. The p-establishing will certainly regulate just how lengthy the pellet grill pasupplies before turning the auger ago on.

What Happens On The “Smoke” Setting Of Traegers

The Traeger will certainly start an ignition cycle that feeds in pellets for 15 secs and waits 65 secs (manufacturing facility default) before repeating the cycle. This enables the heating rod to ignite the pellets to start a fire prior to even more pelallows gain fed in.If the p-establishing (pause setting) has actually been readjusted on the Traeger then the pellet grill might pause almost everywhere from 45 seconds to 95 seconds before turning the auger back on. We’ll cover just how to adjust the p-establishing later in this post.The smoke setting feeds pelallows right into the firepot the slowest which enables the timber pelallows to burn and smolder. So the smoke setting will create the lowest amount of heat and typically the most amount of smoke.Below is a photo of my Traeger when I simply fired it up after cleaning out the firepot.

Traegers Produce Smoke On All Temperature Settings

The great news via traeger pellet grills is that they will certainly create smoke on all settings. Whether the smoke establishing is schosen or your collection the temperature to 225°F or 350°F, the traeger will produce both warm and also smoke.A pellet grill raises the grill temperature by feeding pellets much faster into the firepot in order to produce even more heat.Burning pellets is likewise just how the traeger pellet grill creates smoke so tright here will certainly always be smoke that gets created at any type of setting.Keep in mind that establishing a greater temperature commonly suggests the food will prepare faster and also will not be exposed to as much smoke. So the smoky flavor might be even more subtle on food that is prepare at 350°F as opposed to food that is cooked at 225°F.

How To Smoke On A Traeger

Traegers, a lot as other pellet grills, can both prepare and also smoke food. Depending on the temperature establishing, a traeger have the right to act comparable to a consistent grill once cranked up to 350°F or 400°F.The finest way to smoke food on a traeger is to set the temperature to the lowest setting. Generally the lowest temp establishing on a Traeger is 180°F.Setting the temperature to low will permit the food to slowly prepare and obtain exposed to smoke for a longer duration of time.Simply put – smoking cigarettes on a pellet grill needs much less warmth and more time.

How To Get More Smoke From My Traeger

Anvarious other way to smoke food on a Traeger is to create more smoke. See this write-up for 5 tips on just how to create even more smoke on a pellet grill. Traeger pellet grills deserve to only develop a specific amount of smoke without needing some added help.The ideal means to produce even more smoke on a traeger is to use a pellet smoker tube. A smoker tube is a metal tube that is filled with lumber pelallows and ignited in order to create even more smoke.
smoker tube for creating even more smoke in traeger pellet grillThese smoker tubes have the right to be filled with the exact same wood pelallows offered in the traeger and are sindicate ignited making use of a lighter or torch. After it starts smoking cigarettes, the smoker tube is simply put inside the grill to develop extra smoke.I recommend using this smoker tube that can be purchased on Amazon.If one smoker tube and also the traeger are still not creating enough smoke then usage two smoker tubes. Placing them on both side of the smoker should provide complete smoke coverage and also the food need to build delicious smoke rings.

Traeger Smoke Setting vs 180°F

The smoke setting of a Traeger is mainly provided to ignite the pelallows and also fire up the pellet grill.The Traeger will certainly not monitor the temperature and will certainly feed in pelallows for 15 secs and wait 65 seconds (default setting) prior to repeating the cycle. This is problematic because food cooked on a traeger on the smoke setting on a cold day will certainly prepare in a different way than on a hot day.Traegers that are set to a details cooking temperature such as 180°F will certainly monitor the inner cooking temperature and also readjust just how regularly pellets are fed into the firepot to preserve this temperature. Generally, the food preparation temperature will continue to be about 180°F +/- 25°F.So if its a cold day and also the traeger demands to feed in more pellets to store the grill warm, then it will feed in more pelallows which will create even more smoke and also heat. If it’s a hot day then the traeger will feed in pelallows at a slower rate.The reason why making use of a temperature establishing such as 180°F is better than the smoke establishing is it enables you to arrangement exactly how lengthy the food requirements to cook. The smoke establishing deserve to have a broad variety of cooking temperatures based upon the external air.

Traeger Smoke Setting vs 225°F

The smoke setting of a traeger is used to ignite the pellets and fire up the pellet grill.The traeger will not monitor the temperature and also will certainly feed in pellets for 15 seconds and also wait 65 secs prior to repeating the cycle. This is problematic given that food cooked on a Traeger on the smoke setting on a cold day will cook in a different way than on a warm day.When the traeger is collection to 225°F, the traeger will certainly make sure that the food preparation temperature continues to be around 225°F +/- 25°F.So if its a cold day and also the traeger needs to feed in more pelallows to store the grill heat, then it will certainly feed in more pellets which will certainly develop even more smoke and heat. If it’s a warm day then the traeger will feed in pelallows at a slower rate.The reason why using a temperature establishing such as 225°F is much better than the smoke setting is it permits you to setup just how lengthy the food requirements to prepare. The smoke setting deserve to have actually a wide range of cooking temperatures based on the external air.

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Final Thoughts

Using the smoke establishing on a Traeger pellet grill is an acceptable establishing to use if you:Live in a warmth or warm air temperature areaDo not care exactly how a lot the cooking temperature fluctuatesHave a food thermometer to monitor the food tempEven if you do live in a warm or warm air temperature location, such as California or Texas, you need to still use a temperature setting for smoking cigarettes your food.The smoke establishing just feeds in pellets for 15 seconds and also waits 65 seconds before repeating the cycle regardless of food preparation temperature. This implies your food might cook entirely in a different way if you just use the smoke setting on 2 different days.So just put the Traeger on a low temperature such as 180°F or 225°F to provide the food a nice smoky flavor and also add a cigarette smoking tube if you desire even more smoke. Using a temperature establishing means you recognize specifically how long it will take for your food to prepare.This way you deserve to set the temp, forget about it, and go back to perfectly smoked food.