So yesterday i was happily editing and enhancing the layout of mine tumblr blog and everything was working fine. Go into same blog to day and also it bring up thsi once i click save:"Un oh! we could"t save your theme. Looks choose your tradition theme recommendations assets from non-HTTPS Urls. Please try again using just HTTPS Urls."Super confusing since not urls have been add since yesterday and also everything was fine then. Same thing is happening with my various other blogs v custom themes. I also went through and deleted every the urls on the html page simply to watch if it would execute anything and the very same alert come up. What is going on ??

Please help


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Just had actually the same problem. Tumblr updated your Encryption policies.

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If you"re a layout developer and also you"d prefer to ensure your themes assistance HTTPS, make sure that any externally held resources, such as Cascading format Sheets (CSS) or Javascript files, and even images, are offered using HTTPS.

As we now know that Tumblr calls for that we usage HTTPS instead of HTTP, here"s how can we deal with the error:

Make certain that you are in the customize section and access "Edit HTML":



In the "Edit HTML", push Ctrl+F (or press the setups button and also then "Find and also replace"):


Search because that "http" and Replace through "https" - use that to all.


As the previous step can cause some links to be "httpss", this requirements to it is in fixed. By accessing the Find and also Replace and Search for "httpss" and also Replace v "https".

The procedures bellow should solve her problem.

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Extra considerations

However, if they don"t, there is some added considerations come make:

When one has, because that example:

We will require to readjust it come https>:

Yet another update: SSL is currently being rotate on by default for every Tumblrs that use our official theme top top the web. Even though we don’t recommend it, you can still turn it off in her blog settings.