I"ve heard the expression "turn a blind eye" and also I"m wonder if over there is a solitary word to stand for this. In my context, I"m feather to describe something negative, because that instance:

She rotate a remote eye to she child"s behaviour as soon as she found he was bullying other youngsters at school.

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A bad supervisor will revolve a remote eye come his or her employees" bad work habits.

Neglect doesn"t seem suitable in few of these contexts. I"ve thought around using disregard or ignore however I"m not certain if they convey the same meaning/what the differences are.

Is over there a solitary verb to represent this phrase?

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Tolerate and condone walk to the other finish of the spectrum:they suggest that the human being knows of the offense however does nothing about it.

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Ignore: come refuse come pay fist to; disregard.

From the Latin ignōrāre: in- ‘not’ + gno-, a base definition ‘know’. It means the refusal to take notification of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally.


to pay no fist or heed to; ignore; to display no proof of attention worrying (something); come treat without ideal respect or attentiveness. - AHDEL

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To overlook, come ignore, to disregard, to neglect should be suitable to usage in place of this idiom. The meaning of the idiom is to disregard deliberately, come pretend not to notice. (See the idiom"s entries in WordReference.com and also CollinsDictionary.com.) In fact there are many synonyms for this.

According to Phrases.org, the beginning of the idiom goes like this: Admiral Horatio Nelson is claimed to have said this once wilfully disobeying a signal come withdraw during a naval engagement during the battle of Copenhagen in 1801, when the Admiral teacher Hyde Parker sent a signal (by usage of flags) because that Nelson to disengage. Nelson was convinced he can win if that persisted and that"s once he claimed to have actually "turned a blind eye" on the flag signals. Chapter VII the the story The Life of Horatio mr Nelson by Robert Southey cases the actual words of Nelson to Captain cutting board Foley were:

"... You know, Foley," transforming to the captain, "I have only one eye,—I have a appropriate to be blind sometimes:" and also then putting the glass to his remote eye, in the mood of mind which sports with bitterness, he exclaimed, "I really carry out not check out the signal!"

And hence the idiom "to revolve a blind eye" top top something/someone.

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Thus, making use of ignore, dismiss, disregard, overlook, pretend no to see must be fine depending on the precise requirement the the sentence. For example:

Only parents can overlook that type of behavior.

Only parents can turn a remote eye on such behavior.

Teachers overlooked the poor handwriting in cases where students were able come secure only passing marks.

Teachers turned a remote eye to the handwriting in instances where students were able come secure only passing marks.