Tickets because that the first-ever TwitchCon event, a solemn event of every little thing related to the streaming giant to be held September 25-26 in san Francisco, will go on sale later on this week, organizers have actually announced.

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TwitchCon 2015 tickets will certainly be available starting at 2 pm PDT this coming Friday, April 10, v the event's website.

"Early bird" discounts are available until 11 afternoon PDT top top April 24. See listed below for a breakdown of available tickets.

Friday, September 25 pass: $50.00 USD (Early bird price: $45.00)

Saturday, September 26 pass: $60.00 USD (Early bird price: $55.00)

2-Day pass: $85.00 USD (Early bird price: $75.00)

Saturday ~ party because that badge holders: $25.00 USD

Twitch has also announced the on April 10, the will begin accepting submissions through its website for panel, workshop, and also presentation ideas.

TwitchCon 2015, announced back in February, will encompass plenty the activities, including a keynote attend to from Twitch CEO Emmett Shear, merchandise obtainable to buy, and also the opportunity to mingle with several of Twitch's best personalities. Other events, courtesy that Twitch, include:

Panel Rooms: A diverse an option of community- and also staff-driven panels geared toward educating and entertaining attendees

Interactive occasions with top Twitch Partners:

Stream v them using the broadcast Pods

Play games with them in the Gaming Lab

Learn indigenous them in the knowledge center

Mingle v them at satisfy & greet signing sessions

Celebrate through them in ~ the substantial after party top top September 25

Watch their networks being broadcast live from the show floor

TwitchCon 2015 will take location at the Moscone Convention facility in san Francisco, the same venue as the video game Developers Conference.

Other gamer-focused conventions incorporate MineCon (Minecraft) and BlizzCon (Blizzard Entertainment), ParadoxCon (Paradox Interactive), QuakeCon (Bethesda), PAX, and others.

TwitchCon will certainly be organized by ReedPop, the team that likewise puts with each other big-name reflects such as PAX and brand-new York Comic-Con, among others.

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According come a in march report, Twitch--which is own by Amazon--will quickly face new competition from YouTube. That Google-owned video site is apparently planning a far-reaching overhaul the its live events functionality through a specific focus top top gaming.