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Kinda sorta new to Uber and was wondering when are the ideal times and also areas to drive in and about Atlanta. I live in Macon and also can drive to Atlanta 3-4 times a month for added cash.


What year is your car? X just or Lyft, too? The year of your vehicle determines DF methods. Doing both Uber and also Lyft offers you more DF and higher income once Lyft pays even more.
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I have actually a 2008 BMW 528i. I"m with X, pool, and eats. Although I haven"t received any kind of pings for eats yet...I additionally understand civilization aren"t going to just provide ameans all the tricks. I"m just asking for general indevelopment lol.
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Are you planning to do this permanent, or as a side gig? I would certainly indicate you attempt this as a side gig...based upon my suffer and also what I"ve review here, it would certainly be difficult to make money at this as a permanent project (at least from an IRS point of view). If you ARE doing it permanent, I would certainly indicate founding approximately 4:30 AM for the morning crowd and going to just after 2 AM for the bar crowd (I personally do not risk the 2 am crowd as a result of the vomit element, so I usually quit at midnight). Based on what I"ve read from others, it will certainly be sluggish during the day and also that"s once you deserve to sleep; yet, because I have a constant task where I job-related throughout the daytime hours, I can not confirm that. I agree that you have to execute both Uber and Lyft if full-time.
I have actually a 2008 BMW 528i. I"m via X, pool, and also eats. Although I haven"t obtained any pings for eats yet...I also understand world aren"t going to just provide away all the tricks. I"m just asking for general information lol.Thanks! Any nice times?
Driving in Atlanta has actually quickly gone downhill for me. These days I occasionally drive early on weekfinish mornings. I"ve considered driving during the week in the evenings as soon as I acquire home from work however eincredibly time I revolve on the Rider application I am surrounded by at least 8 various other Uber motorists. I"ve tried to wait it out and also have finished up waiting an hour prior to I can even obtain a Pool ping. My wife has tried driving in the time of the day and also she says it sucks even worse in the time of the day. I"m so thankful that this isn"t my only stream of earnings.

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Run both Lyft and Uber. The north suburbs are your friends. Cascade and also southern Fulton and also over towards Peachtree City have the right to be good. Stay out of SWATS and The Bluffs (southwest Atl, Vine City, East Point, etc). Riverdale is hit or miss (largely miss). Sandy Springs and also Dunwoody up to Cumming (up 400) will yield longer trips, nicer riders and bigger tips. Tucker up though Norcross all the way approximately Lawrenceville can keep you busy but the trips will mostly be short (Walmart runs). I"m not really a westside male so I don"t understand much about Marietta and also up 75. Monday morning from 4:30am to 10:00am, Thursday nights after 7pm are the just really reputable weekday dayparts. Morning and also afternoon rush just make sense once there is a boost or decent surge. You are going to spend most time sitting in web traffic and just surge over 1.8x gets your per minute charges up sufficient to justify lacking the expedition churn. Fri and also Sat night from 5pm to 8:30pm almost everywhere north of I-20 are busy. There"s a babsence hole from 8:30 pm to about 10pm Fri and Sat nights because everyone has actually gained to their first destination for the night. They start moving approximately aobtain about 11pm and it"s generally kickin" till last speak to at 2:30am. Buckhead bars location, 12th and Crescent Ave in Midtvery own, West Midtown, Edgewood bars, the "gayborhoods" (10th & piedmont, behind Ansley square, and everywhere on Cheshire Bridge) are also dependable late Fri & Sat night spots. Tbelow will be surge in those areas till around 3:15 am and also then whatever goes dark. The late late night folks on the southside start moving roughly by then however otherwise it"s quiet till 7am on Sat and also Sunday morning. That"s when the "Uber of Shame" folks come out. These are world who remained overnight via whomever before they partied with the night prior to and have to get ago residence or to their vehicle. It can be some of the most profitable times of the week...fewer motorists and also demand. Surging while most Uber motorists are resting.Most of all...avoid doing what eincredibly other newbie ATL driver does which is cruise up and down the Peachtree corridor from Downtvery own to Chamblee. You"ll soptimal at eexceptionally stop light and realize that eexceptionally car roughly you is an Uber/Lyft driver in search of fares. It"s just dumb. Go wright here they aren"t...Example...deadhead up 400 to the Avalon (the white individuals mall) at Old Milton Parkway on Fri and Sat night and you will certainly be rewarded with hrs of lengthy trips and also tips. Enjoy and also be cautious.