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Kinda sorta brand-new to Uber and also was wondering as soon as are the best times and also places to journey in and also around Atlanta. Ns live in Macon and also might drive to Atlanta 3-4 time a month for extra cash.


What year is your car? X only or Lyft, too? The year of your vehicle determines DF strategies. Doing both Uber and Lyft provides you an ext DF and greater earnings as soon as Lyft payment more.
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I have a 2008 BMW 528i. I"m with X, pool, and also eats. Although ns haven"t received any kind of pings for eats yet...I likewise understand people aren"t going come just provide away all the tricks. I"m just asking for basic information lol.
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Are friend planning to carry out this complete time, or as a next gig? i would suggest you shot this as a side gig...based on my experience and what I"ve review here, it would be tough to make money in ~ this together a permanent job (at the very least from an IRS point of view). If you are doing it complete time, I would suggest starting around 4:30 AM because that the morning crowd and also going to just after 2 AM for the bar group (I personal don"t risk the 2 to be crowd because of the vomit factor, so I commonly quit at midnight). Based on what I"ve review from others, it will be slow throughout the day and that"s once you deserve to sleep; however, due to the fact that I have a constant job whereby I work during the daytime hours, ns can"t confirm that. Ns agree the you need to do both Uber and Lyft if complete time.
I have a 2008 BMW 528i. I"m with X, pool, and eats. Although i haven"t received any kind of pings because that eats yet...I likewise understand civilization aren"t going come just offer away every the tricks. I"m just asking for general information lol.Thanks! any kind of nice times?
Driving in Atlanta has easily gone downhill because that me. These days I periodically drive at an early stage weekend mornings. I"ve thought about driving during the mainly in the evenings when I acquire home indigenous work however every time I revolve on the Rider application I am surrounding by at least 8 other Uber drivers. I"ve tried come wait it out and also have finished up wait an hour prior to I can even get a swimming pool ping. My wife has tried driving throughout the day and she states it sucks also worse throughout the day. I"m therefore thankful that this isn"t my just stream the income.

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Run both Lyft and Uber. The northern suburbs room your friends. Cascade and also south Fulton and also over toward Peachtree City have the right to be good. Stay out that SWATS and The Bluffs (southwest Atl, Vine City, east Point, etc). Riverdale is struggle or miss (mostly miss). Sandy Springs and Dunwoody up to Cumming (up 400) will yield longer trips, nicer riders and also bigger tips. Tucker up though Norcross all the means up to Lawrenceville can keep friend busy but the trips will normally be brief (Walmart runs). I"m no really a westside man so i don"t understand much about Marietta and up 75. Monday morning native 4:30am to 10:00am, Thursday nights ~ 7pm room the just really reputable weekday dayparts. Morning and also afternoon rush just make sense once there is a boost or kind surge. You room going to spend a lot of time sitting in traffic and only surge above 1.8x gets her per minute charges up sufficient to justify lacking the expedition churn. Fri and also Sat night native 5pm to 8:30pm almost everywhere north the I-20 space busy. There"s a black color hole indigenous 8:30 pm to about 10pm Fri and Sat nights since everyone has gotten to their very first destination because that the night. They start moving around again about 11pm and also it"s usually kickin" until last call at 2:30am. Buckhead bars area, 12th and Crescent Ave in Midtown, West Midtown, Edgewood bars, the "gayborhoods" (10th & piedmont, behind Ansley square, and anywhere ~ above Cheshire Bridge) are also reliable so late Fri & satellite night spots. There will be surge in those areas until about 3:15 am and then everything goes dark. The late late night people on the southside begin moving about by then however otherwise it"s quiet till 7am top top Sat and also Sunday morning. That"s as soon as the "Uber of Shame" folks come out. These are people who continued to be overnight v whomever they partied with the night before and need to get back home or to your car. It deserve to be few of the most financially rewarding times the the week...fewer chauffeurs and demand. Surge while most Uber chauffeurs are sleeping.Most of all...avoid law what every various other newbie ATL driver does which is cruise up and down the Peachtree corridor from Downtown to Chamblee. You"ll protect against at every protect against light and also realize that every car roughly you is one Uber/Lyft driver trying to find fares. It"s just dumb. Go wherein they aren"t...Example...deadhead increase 400 come the Avalon (the white peoples mall) at Old Milton Parkway top top Fri and Sat night and you will be rewarded with hrs of long trips and tips. Enjoy and be careful.