Do you see an unknown or pending charge from on your bank account? wonder if you were charged incorrectly? If so, we"re here to you with it.

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This guide covers how charges and also payments work, for this reason you recognize what to mean every time friend ride. Learn around ride pricing, payment authorizations, and also how multiple rides are grouped into one bill. We’ll also teach you just how to fix tricky cases such as multiple charges, overcharges, and also unrecognized charges. fare is based on ride route and also ride type, and also ride access and demand. When numerous passengers in your area request a ride in ~ the exact same time, ride price will most likely be higher than normal. You deserve to expect greater demand throughout commute hours, huge events in town, and also when negative weather hits. reflects you fare estimates before you inquiry a ride, so you know what come expect. To calculation the expense of your following ride, get in your pickup and also drop-off location into the application before requesting a ride.
Fare approximates don"t reflect any type of discounts, traffic delays, or components like including a avoid or transforming your destination. Any changes to your ride will cause your last ride price come be various from your fare estimate.
To ride through, girlfriend must have actually a valid payment an approach setup. uses payment authorizations to check that her payment an approach is gotten in correctly and also has enough funds come cover her ride. Authorizations appear as "pending" transactions in your financial institution account, but they aren"t charges.
Once her payment method is efficiently charged, instantly releases the authorization. However, it might take 5–7 business days for your financial institution to relax authorizations on your account. If the authorization causes your account come overdraft, you’ll need to call your bank or financial school to resolve.
To make it basic to track her charges, you’ll just be charged when for every the rides you take it in a solitary day. You"ll constantly receive a ride receipt after each ride. Whenever girlfriend take much more than one ride in a day, you’ll gain a everyday receipt with a drive recap and also the total amount that your final charge.

If girlfriend don’t acknowledge a fee amount on your financial institution account, look at your day-to-day receipt email to examine if many rides to be grouped right into one charge. This function isn’t easily accessible for business accounts or rides paid with Paypal, Venmo, or digital banking.
If you check out multiple charges, overcharges, or i could not recognize it charges, follow the instructions below to resolve.
Ride charge: The description of a final charge top top your financial institution statement contains the variety of rides taken and also the charge date. It will certainly look prefer this: *3 rides 3/16 If the fee amount is various than you expected, proceed reading.
Fare calculation vs ride price: store in mind that alters to her ride after it’s asked for — such together updating your destination or including a prevent — change your last ride price. You have the right to see a full malfunction of every your daily rides and also charges in the ‘Ride history’ tab in the app.

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Shared payment method: your payment an approach is being offered to pay for rides on a family members account or was included to a friend’s account. Adhering to up with friends or family members is the only way to fix the issue.