Sometimes the "Action" button does not create the modal. Try refounding the tool. If the trouble persists, embrace via SSH instead.

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Device Login Failed / Invalid Credentials



The tool credentials are incorrect. The username and also password is for the tool, not the website, or UniFi controller.

Try manufacturing facility reestablishing by holding the recollection ping for 30 seconds to recollection the credentials back to username ubnt, password ubnt

Or: retrieve the gadget credentials from the existing UniFi controller under Settings > Site > Device Authentication

Sometimes the Ubiquiti Device Discoincredibly Device will certainly display Login Failed even after the gadget has been factory recollection, in which case you should try adopting by means of SSH rather.

Device does not show up in UniFi


Make sure your set-indevelop URL is correct. It must begin through http:// and finish with :8080/indevelop. Almeans usage the DNS name of the server rather of IP address

Device stuck "Adopting" then "Disconnected"


The UniFi adoption procedure is 3 steps:

Device set-increates to the server

"Adopt" is clicked in the controller to accept the device

Device set-informs a second time to finish the adoption

When a device gets stuck "Adopting", it is caused by step 3 being missed. The Ubiquiti Device Discoextremely Tool is expected to carry out action 3 in the background, without user interactivity, however sometimes it does not perform it for some factor.

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Try the SSH adoption technique instead which is even more trustworthy, you will certainly have the ability to make sure step 3 is completed by doing it manually.Device stuck in "Pfinishing Adalternative (Upday Required)" Loop


With some gadgets, a firmware upday is compelled before the tool deserve to be adopted. In some situations, clicking the "Adopt and Upgrade" button does not efficiently upday the device"s firmware and a hand-operated upday is compelled.

1. Take note of the tool design, and also inspect Ubiquiti"s downfill page for the latest firmware for that device

2. Copy the connect to the firmware

3. Upgrade the device manually by means of SSH or utilizing the Ubiquiti Device Discoincredibly Tool