Sometimes the "Action" button does not trigger the modal. Shot restarting the tool. If the trouble persists, adopt via SSH instead.

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Device Login failure / Invalid Credentials



The machine credentials are incorrect. The username and also password is for the device, not the website, or UniFi controller.

Try factory resetting by stop the reset ping for 30 secs to reset the credentials ago to username ubnt, password ubnt

Or: retrieve the an equipment credentials indigenous the present UniFi controller under setups > website > maker Authentication

Sometimes the Ubiquiti device Discovery tool will show Login Failed even after the an equipment has been factory reset, in which instance you should try adopting via SSH instead.

Device does not show up in UniFi


Make certain your set-inform URL is correct. It need to start v http:// and end v :8080/inform. Always use the DNS name of the server instead of IP address

Device stuck "Adopting" climate "Disconnected"


The UniFi adoption process is 3 steps:

Device set-informs to the server

"Adopt" is clicked in the controller to expropriate the device

Device set-informs a second time to complete the adoption

When a maker gets grounding "Adopting", the is brought about by action 3 being missed. The Ubiquiti maker Discovery tool is supposed to perform step 3 in the background, there is no user interaction, but sometimes it doesn"t do it for some reason.

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Try the SSH adoption method instead which is much more reliable, you will have the ability to make sure step 3 is completed by doing it manually.Device stuck in "Pending adoption (Update Required)" Loop


With part devices, a firmware update is required prior to the device can be adopted. In part cases, click the "Adopt and Upgrade" switch does not efficiently update the device"s firmware and a hands-on update is required.

1. Take note of the maker model, and check Ubiquiti"s download page for the recent firmware for the device

2. Copy the attach to the firmware

3. Upgrade the an equipment manually via SSH or making use of the Ubiquiti device Discovery Tool